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Antion Scales Releases New Track “Lil Ol Me”



Antion Scales
North Carolina Recording Artist Antion Scales shares new single “Lil Ol Me” alongside it’s music video. The song’s cover art features an old picture depicting a dapper aspect transferring from childhood to his current state. The video features a multitude of high-energy, attention-grabbing scenes and cleverly selected metaphors. Listen to the track HERE
” ‘Lil ol me’ derives from an introspective point of view. I’ve seen or been around situations that led me to have tough skin. “The streets” represent a place of struggle or not having. Rather if it was the lack of fatherly guidance or lack of finances in my upbringing or simply not being where I wanted to be in life instantly. Not having turned a good kid into a bit more battle-hardened individual. With the fresh perspective, I found clarity in not having or working to achieve.”

“I don’t rap, I sell advice,” says North Carolina’s experimental hip hop-rock artist Antion Scales. This statement reflects how his upbringings and experiences contribute to his storytelling as an artist, as well as a conscious approach to making music. Scales is an artist raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. By merging musical elements, such as 90’s Hip Hop, Rhythm & Blues, and Gospel, his style can be viewed as “unorthodox” and “pleasantly versatile”. His music bridges the gap between early 90’s hip-hop lyricism, with today’s melodic, ambient styles

Scales started songwriting at a young age as a form of escape from environmental pressures and situational hardship. Music-making became an enjoyable outlet to express emotions and a form of narration to describe his upbringing and others alike.

 Developing in an environment that is immersed with frequent adversity and negative influences one is required to be mentally fortified. This same environment constantly challenges internal commitment to achieving personal goals and aspirations. In a community where it’s easily accessible to make wrong and lasting decisions, Antion Scales uses his songwriting to act as a resource to provide alternatives to battle hardship and environmental pressures. Scales strives to positively reinforce mental attributes such as determination, inner faith, and self-belief. Antion Scales’ music gives power back to those who fail and still try again. Scales represent anyone who has experienced similar adversity.
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