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Appietus, KK Fosu and more humour on the A Plus Show this week

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Appietus, KK Fosu and more humour on the A Plus Show this week

The ‘A Plus Show’ is going strong and this week, the TV series is packed with exciting segments featuring some of the biggest names in Ghanaian music. The interview segment will feature one of the best music ears in Ghana, Appietus.  The highly regarded and sought-after music producer will share his life’s journey into the path he is now notoriously known for.

Did Appietus learn music production in Ghana? What sacrifices did he have to make if any to fulfill his dreams? What are lessons for parents about honing the talents of their children? He with share with viewers not only his humorous side but also lessons from his sacrifices, power to dream big, perseverance and successes, as A-Plus quizzes him this Thursday evening.

What better signature to give viewers a feel of what Appietus is all about, than a signed, sealed and delivered present in the showmanship of singer, KK Fosu? KK will feature on the live band segment and belt out his melodious songs crafted in carefully chosen lyrics that leaves listening swaying and wanting more.

This week’s stand-up segment will include the King of Tropo Trapa’s visit his Akuapim friends. There, he learns why the Akuapim’s just can’t succeed in armed robbery.  Viewers will also find out what Akuapim equivalent to the Ga tribe’s idiosyncrasy of omitting the letter ‘h’ in words is. Also, what is A-Plus’s beef with what the media reports and how does he connect the dots with a donkey, a priest, a nun and a bishop?

The sketch segment this week reveal how the Siaw Brothers fell in love with a chop bar girl on purpose so they get to eat for free every time they so wish. They were beaten at their own game after they have heavily ordered and been served, then their girl vamoosed. How do they pay? Don’t miss the adventures of the Siaw Brothers.

The A PLUS SHOW airs this and every Thursday from 10-11pm on Etv Ghana.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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