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Araba Sey Writes : The Growing Thirst Of Today's Youth In Wanting To Become Models



araba seyThe desperation and enthusiasm for modelling among today’s youth is shocking. In today’s world (21st Century) technology has taken over hence the use of social media by most people and especially over 50% of the youth. The social media compulsion has caused a lot of the youth to become desperate to involve themselves in certain activities or professions to fit into the social media class. It is worth mentioning that modelling has become one of the topmost careers that almost every young girl or guy wants to venture into. The precise word from the lips of most people nowadays is, “Every girl says she’s a model”. One then wonders whether it is the fame, money, pride, attention, or the luxurious lifestyle that comes with being a model or it’s the passion, focus, determination, zeal and quest to inspire people that drive them into modelling. The mushrooming of models without focus and a proper understanding of modelling in today’s world has made models/professional models in general and the Modelling Industry a big joke. The respect and acknowledgement of models and the Modelling Industry has almost faded. This state of despair among the youth to become models is quite appalling because most of these young girls do not mind sleeping with men who promise to give them exposure and make them top models. Is this not an obvious and hungry desire for fame? The way some girls dress indecently, calling themselves models is also very distressing. There are some who call themselves models but take unprofessional photos. You come across their photos and get stunned to know they are actually models. Some just don’t meet the requirements to be models but their crazy thirst for modelling would make them take up any task or cross any bridge to be models. All these have created a negative perception about models in general and modelling as a career. It is disheartening to know that people no longer see modelling as a career or profession. To be a model doesn’t only mean having a pretty face and posing in front of a camera smiling. It takes more than meets the eye. There is more of passion, guts to play different roles, zeal, focus, composure and determination. To make the choice of becoming a model, make sure you possess these qualities and decide wisely. Let’s all make the modelling industry a better one.]]>

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