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Are You A Content Pirate?



Imagine a world where you can no longer watch addictive local series like Inspector Bediako, Madam, Eno, homegrown movies such as Queen of Akra, or your favourite sports event like the FIFA World cup or Euros. This could be a reality if copyright is not protected.

While streaming a series from a dodgy site may seem harmless, content piracy cripples Africa’s creative industries.

Piracy occurs when an individual, who is not the copyright holder, copies content and resells it for a significantly lower price than the copyright holder charges. Many perpetrators of piracy do not realise the impact it can have…

It starts when producers have less money to invest in new projects, technology, and talent. Investors lose faith in Africa’s creative industry as their rights aren’t protected, and then the quality and variety of content dwindles.


Soon, local productions are replaced with mainstream, one-size-fits-all material, which means there’s less and less work for local content creators – along with less investment in local economies and livelihoods.  If you’re unsure that the content you’re consuming comes from a legit source, follow this decision tree:


Piracy might seem like a victimless act, but it impacts Africa’s entire entertainment industry, from studios to individual creators. By choosing legal options, you’re supporting the local movies, shows, and music you love – and ultimately helping to protect Africa’s creative industry!

To learn more or find a safe, reliable source of local content, visit:

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