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Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo writes: Slow It Down, Empress Gifty!



Gospel minstrel, Empress Gifty, went on another tirade last week – snarling at blogs, media personalities and some of her ‘followers’ of her social media pages.

She was visibly agitated over what she described as some persons going under her social media posts to issue invective at her and some blogs publishing lies about her. She didn’t spare some media personalities who subtly jab her for some of her actions.

Over the years, the artiste has presented an uncompromising character and is one of those entertainers that would not hesitate to ‘clapback’ at critics. Responding to critics is sometimes necessary but with her latest outburst, it is only germane to alert the award-winning gospel artiste to slow it down.


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Social Media Aficionado

Empress Gifty is very active on social media, as she understands obviously the positives the app offers. There’s hardly a day going by without the artiste making a post on her social media feed and that’s a good thing.

Whether she is announcing a new song, a new video or showcasing a business or expressing an opinion, social media has become a solace for the artiste.


In fact, her level of activity on social media and her ability to utilize it to her advantage won an award last year, ‘Digital Act of the Year’ at the 4th edition of 3Music Awards.

She annexed that laurel for her outstanding use of digital media in harnessing the biggest fandom on social media, maintaining visibility, higher engagement of post, driving audience interactivity, and trendsetting narrative, and pursuing causes.

Interestingly, she did beat the likes of Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Kofi Mole, Amerado, Ohemaa Mercy and Camidoh for the honour.

Vent That Spleen


In her recent flare-up, Empress Gifty targeted blogs and persons that perpetuate lies about her persona, her brand and her actions. She even went berserk to level curses on such persons who capitalize on such deceptions to make some gains on social media.

Firstly, the issue of falsehood being peddled by blogs and some persons on social media is quite alarming. Some unscrupulous blogs and persons would just sit in the comfort of wherever and fabricate such frivolous tales about these celebrities and for gossip-hungry and negative news fanatics, such defaming news travel faster than the speed of light.

Secondly, she is human with blood flowing through her veins. She has every right to be upset and has every right to respond or react when blogs and some personalities peddle fabrications on her.

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In a space where there’s little or no fact checking with the multitude being gullible, it takes just seconds for a blog or a dodgy person to ruin hard-built reputations so, it is quite fathomable to recognize her manner of reaction to such inanity.

Control What You Show

Empress Gifty, in her tirade, also had some strong words for the persons who go under her various posts and offer slurs and unwholesome comments. Perhaps, the gospel musician got edification only on the positives of social media and not on the ramifications of being on such a platform.

The fact is – where there’s positivity, there’s also negativity!


In life and in the world of show business, one would never get everybody liking them so, it is important to get that memo in order not to expect cheers through out.

Most importantly, the musician should be aware that these commentators feed off the content she posts on her page. If she doesn’t make any posts that would definitely elicit comments, nobody would get that opportunity to go on her page to offer their opinion.

If you post a video of you shaking your bum, you should definitely expect some unsavory comments. You would be delusional if you muse that everybody is going to shower you with appellations for your bum.

The panacea to not inviting obnoxious comments to your postings is quite simple; control what you post, please!


Tolerance Is Key

It is quite intriguing that Empress Gifty is bemoaning the loathsome commentaries to some of her postings and expects such characters to stop; yet, she unleashes another post and hurls curses at her critics. How does it stop, Madam?

One of the essential virtues of being in the creative industry is tolerance – a characteristic that allows you to accommodate all manner of reactions to your music, your brand and your actions.

In a space where almost everyone has an opinion, the artiste must be open-minded and accommodate varied expressions to her craft and brand. If she can be accommodating to positive remarks to her actions, she should be able to accept negative mentions.


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It is also important for her to note that the most important persons in her life as a gospel artiste and a businesswoman are the fans and the followers. Without the fans and patrons to her brand, she has no career, so it is critical to apply emotional intelligence when addressing these fans.

The same GhC1 and GhC2 that these fans use to offer comments on your page are the same paltry amount they use to log on to social media to your page to check what new song you have released and what product you are endorsing so they can go patronize and sustain that career of us.

Be advised, Ma’!


By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

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