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Ashish J Thakkar to speak Legacy Master Class in Accra



Ashish J Thakkar, Africa’s youngest billionaire, business leader and founder of Mara Group of companies headquartered in Dubai will be the keynote speaker of the specially formulated Legacy Master Class for industry titans in the field of Information Technology, Infrastructure, Banking, Real Estate, Technology, and general worldwide principles for success as part of Millennium Excellence Foundation’s(MEF) Legacy Series. The Legacy Master Class is a highly rated course hosted in a private setting by Global Business leaders who present innovative ways to stay and excel in business. Today’s inter-connected world of business is getting much more smaller and competitive. As a result, the competitive edge of a business sets it apart from its cohorts. Businesses therefore need real life successful stories to stimulate creative thinking, build engagement, forge internal linkages, encourage and foster innovation. Ashish Thakkar’s dynamic business insights will inspire and innovate employees and employers alike to crack the  proverbial Business Ceiling. His success on the Global and African stage led to his participation in global events like the World Economic Forum, the United Nations’ Global Accelerator, Office for Partnership and the United States-Africa Summit with President Bill Clinton. He has shared the stage with African leaders like Paul Kagame, Olusegun Obasanjo, business leaders like Mo Ibrahim as well as world personalities like the late Barbara Bush, Michael Dell, Sean Penn and others. He was among Fortune Magazine’s list of “top 40 under 40,” Esquire Magazine’s “Middle East Man Of The Year” and author of ‘The Lion Awakes: Adventures in Africa’s Economic Miracle.’ Together with General Electric(GE) and Atlas Merchant, Mara Group formed a Venture Capital partnership to invest in infrastructure in Africa, won a Princeton University award and is Chair of United Nations Foundation’s Global Entrepreneur Council. He also won Entrepreneur of The Year at the World Entrepreneurship Council in 2014 and Mara Group was chosen as a case study at Harvard Business School the same year. This Master Class headlined by Ashish Thakkar will give participants an amazing insight of this African Success Story, what it takes to succeed, being innovative and rising above the pack. An ancient philosopher once said, “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do,” and Ashish Thakkar is a living example. We therefore encourage you to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity for only GH1,350, at the Movenpick Hotel on the 14th of May from 1pm to 5pm. Deadline for registration is the 14th of May. We can assure you that you will journey through the global and African world of business and  come out with what it takes to succeed. Thank you.]]>

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