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Audiomack’s Recent “Premiere Access” Feature Enables Artists to Reward Supporters With Early Listening



In less than a month of launching its Premiere Access feature, Audiomack has recorded a ground breaking result with Nigerian rapper & songwriter Laycon. During the first week in his Premiere Access release, Laycon’s song “God Body V2” generated 5x revenue vs streaming alone. Premiere Access which was launched recently by Audiomack is a first-of-its-kind feature that allows artists to reward their biggest fans by making a yet-to-be-released song or album available on Audiomack before its wide release.

Premiere Access provides a new way for artists on Audiomack to generate revenue beyond the traditional form of streaming. Now, artists can upload their work to Audiomack, select the Premiere Access feature if they are enrolled in the Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP), and select the period of exclusivity for their release’s supporters. The Premiere Access feature was launched with Laycon and several other top-performing artists such as Nigerian super producer Pheelz, Starboy Producer and DJ Tunez and U.S. singer Almira Zaky.

“As a leading player in the music industry, we recognized the opportunity and obligation to enable creators to explore diverse means of monetization and help realize the financial potential of their work. This feat recorded with Laycon is a testament to more wins we aim to realize with artists that take advantage of the Premium Access feature”, said Jason Johnson, VP of Brand Marketing & Brand Strategy for Audiomack Africa.

Premiere Access builds upon Audiomack Supporters, which the platform launched in December 2021, to allow fans to directly contribute to songs and albums from the artists they love. To be eligible for Supporters, artists must apply for and gain access to the Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP), or distribute their music to Audiomack through one of many participating partners, including but not limited to Warner Music Group, Amuse, AudioSalad Direct, DistroKid, EMPIRE, FUGA, Stem and Vydia.


Audiomack has found that over half of all independent artists using the Supporters feature have increased their earnings by at least 30% via direct fan contributions. Since the feature’s launch eight months ago, over 25,000 artists on the platform have received direct support.