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Award-winning film maker, Leila Djansi names her top 10 best Ghanaian actors



lei Filmmaker Leila Djansi has put out what she says, is her list of top ten amazing Ghanaian actors. The Sinking Sands director has taken to social media to let the world know just who qualifies to be in her list. And what is her criteria? My criteria for the list is people who have depth. People who can really go into that dark and fearful place and be laid bare. She continues, “My top ten amazing Ghanaian actors:” 1. Doris Sackitey 2. Brew Riverson jnr 3. Oscar Provenscal (sp) 4. Nadia Buhari (if she stops the americanizations) 5. Luckie Lawson (needs to fix accent) 6. Kofi Middleton-Mends 7. Ama K Abebrese (if director is firm) 8. Akosua Abdallah 9. Ekow Smith Asante 10. Jot Agyeman (needs a cinema hand) That someone is not on this list doesn’t mean the person is not good. I’m counting only MY top ten. Now if I can throw in two more. 11. Akofa Asiedu (needs some major voice training) 12. Dela Djebu (she needs a come back!)]]>

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