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B-Phace’s ‘Sinners’ continues his immaculate run




 Beaming off the reception of his recent single ‘Give Them Hell’, ace producer, B-Phace drops another lo-fi thrill that casts him in the light of a sinner while he contemplates holding on to his imperfect lifestyle. Listen HERE:

“You know I do this when I’m bored and want to release stress, right?” B-Phace recently shared with Elite PR on the phone, feeling all smug. And fair enough, no one’s having this much fun with cloud rap like the Doxa Music Group top gun. He’s doing G-O-O-D – which is exactly why his new drop, ‘Sinner’ is the new deal. It boosts the rapper-producer’s appeal yet again, favoring a dreamy backdrop that plays like the antithesis of his subject matter.

A rather confessional cut – well… sort of, B-Phace is quick to throw a curve right after coming to terms with who he is: “I love this sh*t, this sh*t is real/I keep it real. Don’t f*ck for real”. He then goes on to hint at not being so sober, questioning his sanity in the process, “When I close my eyes and I feel like I seen the devil/Sh*t. Or is it the purple haze I’m smoking?”

Whatever it is, B-Phace comes off as unsettled; there’s this struggle in the depths of him to become “better than this” ‘cause he’s “smart”, but none of that seems to remotely matter. He was born a sinner. ‘’I put this out for fun because I know people are listening”, B-Phace continued with the conversation from above. “There’s a lot more like these on my PC and who knows… maybe an EP could be on the books if the fans keep showing love”.


‘Sinners’ is B-Phace’s second song of the year and with more weeks to go it definitely isn’t his last of the year. But till then, ‘Sinners’ is his song to keep on heavy rotation.



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