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Barclays is now Absa Bank Ghana



Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia – Vice President of the Republic of Ghana

Barclays Bank Ghana Limited has today commenced operations as Absa Bank Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of Absa Group Limited, after receiving all required regulatory approvals from the Bank of Ghana. The name change marks the start of a new era for the bank’s operations as a forward-looking African bank with global reach.

Daniel Mminele – Group CEO of Absa

Daniel Mminele – Group CEO of Absa

“Today, we begin a new chapter as Absa Bank Ghana Limited, while we retain our 100-year heritage of indelible commitment to Ghana’s economic growth. Our new brand demonstrates our commitment to building a bank that is centred on growth for our people through the provision of financial resources, services and opportunities that connect their dreams to possibilities,” said Mrs. Abena Osei-Poku, Managing Director of Absa Bank Ghana Limited.

Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia – Vice President of the Republic of Ghana

Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia – Vice President of the Republic of Ghana

The bank, which has been the most profitable in the industry for the past three years, is a major financier and contributor to key sectors of the Ghanaian economy, including agriculture, education, health, industry and infrastructure among others. Under the Absa brand, the bank has reiterated its commitment to remain a significant player in the financial services sector and the country’s economic development.

“As one of Africa’s top three largest banks, backed by a large capital base and balance sheet, we will continue to play a leading role in Ghana’s development agenda while we remain focused on serving Ghanaians with quality groundbreaking financial services and safe investments for their hard-earned money. Our destiny is tied to that of our country and our commitment to Ghana is absolute,” said Mrs. Osei-Poku.

Mrs Abena Osei-Poku – Managing Director of Absa Bank Ghana

Mrs Abena Osei-Poku – Managing Director of Absa Bank Ghana

The change to Absa will not cause any change in customers account details and the bank’s branches will continue to operate as usual. Barclays branded cards will continue to work as normal until their date of expiry. Customers can also continue to use their Barclays chequebooks until 10 August 2020, after which only cheques drawn on an Absa chequebook will be accepted.

Dignitaries at the launch of Absa Bank Ghana

Dignitaries at the launch of Absa Bank Ghana

“When we started this journey over 3 years ago, we took time to seek insights from our clients and stakeholders. We took to heart what they told us and set out to build a bank that partners them in innovative ways to bring meaning to their lives. Ghanaians can look forward to stronger partnerships that drive sustainable growth and a brighter future for all,” Mrs. Osei-Poku reiterated.



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ADJOAA, Africa’s marketplace for premium fashion and lifestyle brands




Say hello to ‘ADJOAA’, a unique and exciting collective of premium designers of African descent, housed in a dot com universe that welcomes all of humankind to explore, learn and play. Browse beautiful designs and engage in heartfelt conversations with a platform founded on growing community and driving social change; for good

DUABA SERWA - Sekai Corseted Dress

DUABA SERWA – Sekai Corseted Dress

ADJOAA is a curated e-marketplace for premium fashion and lifestyle brands by African and black diaspora designers.



Founded with an enterprising spirit and a visionary objective: to spotlight and elevate designers of African descent and also revolutionise the fashion ecosystem in Africa and spearhead social change on a local, regional and global level.

MALIKO - Isabel

MALIKO – Isabel

ADJOAA celebrates the curiosity, complexity and craft-person-ship of African and Black diaspora designers, as both innovators and cultural taste-makers of discerning, premium design.



“We believe that designers of African descent deserve more equity in the world of premium fashion and that their craft and expertise should be accessible to a wider audience. We also believe that the narrative of African and diaspora makers and designers belong to them. We share it while leading the way for socially conscious businesses,” says Pinaman Owusu-Banahene, Founder & CEO.

VISTA PIECES - Multiporpose Desk Organizer

VISTA PIECES – Multiporpose Desk Organizer

Visit the ADJOAA website for more information.

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Sponsor licence application made easy 2022



The biggest challenge faced by the UK employers is the ongoing shortage of skilled staff, as a result the employers are facing economic difficulties. But post pandemic and Brexit, the UK Home Office has seen tremendous rise in the Sponsor licence applications.


Furthermore, once you have a sponsor licence you are likely to eliminate the skilled shortage gap to a lot of extent.


Above all, it is critical to understand that any UK employer whether owning a small, medium or large business cannot hire overseas staff unless they have a valid sponsor licence from the Home Office.


Let us understand how to make your application easy in 2022.


Main requirements for application


There are a few important things to keep in mind when applying for sponsor licence


  1. Your business organisation should be genuinely trading in the UK, without breaking any law.
  2. Your organisation must be honest, dependable and reliable to be considered for a sponsor licence.
  3. You must prove that you are able to fulfill legal obligations and sponsorship duties within the time frame defined.
  4. Your organisation must offer genuine vacancy to the overseas skilled staff which fulfils accurate pay rates and well defined skill.


To set up that you are a veritable association working legitimately in the UK, you should present various organization related reports. The specific archives will rely on the kind of association that you are and the levels that you wish to support transients under.


The UK Home office will evaluate whether you are straightforward, trustworthy and solid by checking out your set of experiences and foundation, just as that of the key faculty named on your application and any individuals engaged with the everyday running of your business.


The UK Home Office will analyze your present HR and enrollment rehearses to ensure that you can satisfy your support obligations.

Under the validity test, the UK Home office will check out the job that you are looking to enlist unfamiliar nationals for, and the degree to which this job fits inside your association overall.



What else do you need to know about application?

You can apply for a support permit on the web. Toward the finish of the application, you should print out the accommodation sheet and post it to UK Visas and Immigration, alongside the right supporting archives.


Most sponsor licence applications are handled inside about two months.


As a component of the application process, UK Visas and Immigration might visit your business premises to check on the off chance that it fulfills the set sponsorship models.


It is significant that your  application is arranged cautiously, as there is no right of allure if your permit application is denied. In case you are rejected a permit, you will most likely be unable to apply again for as long as five years, contingent upon the conditions.


Once your application is approved you are given sponsor licence rating(A rating) and a Sponsorship Management System (SMS) to begin working on. You can then start hiring overseas candidates and assign them the certificate of sponsorship.

You need to pay £536 for small organisation, and £1476 for medium or large business.


Legal assistance for a successful application

A Y & J Solicitors are leading immigration solicitors in London, they have been helping many of their clients get successful sponsor licence applications. Their bespoke services help you understand the application process hassle-free.


Stay Connected with our legal blog.


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TikTok In-Depth Marketing: The Latest Updates



TikTok provides the opportunity to stand out in 2020’s saturated social media space. When you want to build your business and company in 2022, TikTok is the best bet! Assume you began sharing on Instagram in 2013. That’s how it feels good to start using TikTok nowadays! I don’t say this casually, but it is most likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


The TikTok Marketing


TikTok, an online social application that allows people to post short films with others, has grown into a significant competitor in the digital marketing industry. TikTok is a terrific medium for reaching your audience, with millions and millions of monthly viewers and increasing customer desire for smaller content using Tikfeul. In addition, there have been no charges related to submitting information on TikTok because it can also be uploaded! Here’s a look at the trends that will rule TikTok marketing in 2022.


Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has grown in prominence, with over 500+ million monthly regular users. It’s more than a fun video application; it’s also a powerful marketing tool for companies trying to advertise their business on social media.


By 2022, The Following Trends Might Assist Or Enhance TikTok’s Expansion:


TikTok would keep growing at the cost of other channels, such as Vine & Snapchat, lately seeing their usage rates drop. Businesses will interact with consumers on the channel with personalised content, interacting with them while also giving value. TikTok is a video-sharing application that has rapidly become the go-to destination for short clips. You may upload your dance steps or perform for fun using TikTok! It is indeed one of the most popular applications, with over 300 million users worldwide. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, be sure to read our blog post, which will walk you through everything TikTok.


The Entire TikTok Marketing Course


This course would educate you on all you need to know right now regarding TikTok marketing. You’ll discover:


  • What is the TikTok network, and how does it work?
  • How to make viral content instead of using expensive equipment
  • What are the best TikTok clip formats?
  • How could you use marketing and influencer marketing to help you expand even quicker?
  • How could you leverage your audience to increase the value of your product?
  • How are the application’s existing popular influencers and businesses using it?


The Greatest TikTok Marketing Platform


This training will show you all you require to know about the subject. Aside from that, the course has a few more pretty beautiful features:


  • Always updated: Whether there are any significant changes or upgrades, you can rest assured that we would update the program appropriately; thus you would only have to purchase the program once and receive free updates in perpetuity.
  • Additional templates and checklists are included with the clips.
  • In the students-only Q&A session, we would address all queries.


Boost Your Brand’s Visibility


Brand recognition is a number that all businesses strive for, but it’s not always straightforward to assess. Therefore, one of the effective methods to have your business in front of a large number of individuals, particularly your target group, is through social media.

TikTok will be no exception; it allows you to become famous by producing engaging content that captures the interest of your audience. Consider the interaction rates we discussed previously; all you have to do now is create a solid content marketing strategy and get imaginative.


It Raises The Bar For Video Marketing


Yes, sharing posts and photographs on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook is an excellent method to advertise your business, but how about video content? While you may share them on practically any social networking platform, TikTok has a distinct advantage in that it only enables videos. Social media video material is more enjoyable and exciting than static photographs, owing to the utilisation of noises and motions that could delve into individuals’ feelings. Furthermore, TikTok allows you to employ videos alone and enhance them by adding trendy songs, filters, emoticons, and appropriate hashtags.


Increased Organic Reach


Do you even have any idea what makes TikTok so unique? It’s a mathematical formula. If you’ve used the TikTok application, you’ve probably been surprised by the number of views a single video can receive; we’re speaking about statistics that some other social media platforms can only dream about. Furthermore, it is a function that social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn do not provide. This is especially helpful if you’re a small business trying to start using low-cost strategies like natural content.


Keep Track Of Your Progress


As we previously stated, the objective setting would assist you in determining whether or not your promotional strategies were successful. To do just that, you’ll need to record the outcomes of the content marketing strategy, along with any TikTok advertising you broadcast. What products are significant to you will be influenced by the goals. For instance, if the goal is to increase awareness, the most extraordinary critical metrics to track are views, comments, likes, sharing, and audience engagement.



That is all there is to it. That would be the end of our TikTok marketing guide; we believe that you appreciated it and learned something new. Our recommendations and instances are a terrific place to begin, particularly if you’re new to the site, so we suggest returning before commencing your TikTok campaigns. If you want to improve the TikTok marketing approach with a reliable platform, schedule a demo with Tikfeul, and we’ll walk you through it step-by-step.

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Kobina Ansah is Back To Sue God This March After Having An Emergency Wedding



When playwright Kobina Ansah launched his Emergency Wedding campaign, it caught a lot of attention. Despite being cancelled twice, the play brought to the theater thousands of patrons who were anxious to watch this wedding. Boy! They went home with loads of lessons!

By popular request, Kobina Ansah and his team are bringing back their classic romantic comedy, I Want To Sue God!, this March. The play hinges on the plight of a young man who is dissatisfied with God after getting to know who his wife was after their wedding.

Like all Kobina Ansah’s plays, I Want To Sue God! carries a lot of lessons, especially for the youth who are about to enter marriage.

The unmissable “I Want To Sue God!” is happening on Saturday, March 5th and Sunday, March 6th at National Theater. More details are on

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Finding the Best Yachting Equipment



A Yacht needs sturdy connectors, swivels, or in-Fockers that work reliably under the shear force exerted by wind and waves. Normally, good equipment will last longer, be waterproof, and resist wear and tear caused by the elements. Actually, Equiplite offers exceptional yachting appliances if you need to purchase some.

Let us look at more qualities of yachting equipment.


A yacht performs not one, two, or three tasks but hundreds of different roles to get the crew moving. While on duty, it also fights turbulent waters and deals with docking problems. Fitting your yacht with adaptable equipment like sntach blocksand connectors will keep you going.

This equipment takes on shear wind power and performs with reliability. Another good thing is while on the water, you can tighten or loosen the ropes passing through them depending on the direction of the wind.


Water being a good lubricant, affects how TS5bullet, connectors, and other equipment. Using equipment that slips out of the locks, let us say a rope that slips out of a connector or a swivel, is dangerous. They can cause accidents and destroy property or the deck.

Working with reliable ad anti-slip appliances gives you peace of mind on the other side. Talk to Equiplte experts to get the best deals and understand more on how to choose yachting equipment.

Types of material

All yachting materials should be strong and resistant to rust.  Stainless steel is a good option in this case. Connectors and swivels made out of stainless steel tend to last longer and resist wear and tear.

Of course, there are other materials such as synthetic fiber and aluminum that you can use in the place of steel. However, understand the need of each part before selecting the preferred material.


Towing and supporting other structures being the primary concern of heavy lifting and yachting equipment, weight should also be considered. Lightweight hardware is a good fit in this case.


A yacht may travel from the cool waters of Russia to the warm tropics. This temperature fluctuation may affect the functionality of some hardware, especially those made from metal. Experts advise you to pick materials that are refractory to temperature.


Take, for instance, this situation; you’re on a rough sea headed to the Drake Passage, and one of the connectors securing a container snaps out. It causes a series of events that causes your ship to tilt to one side. Where will you direct your blame to? Of course, the company that produces connectors.

Reliability is another important aspect you should consider when shopping for equipment. Even under strong winds, a reliable connector or swivel should not break easily. It should play its role perfectly

Finding the best yachting equipment can be a big hustle if you don’t know what you are doing or lack experts’ advice. Look for hardware that is resistant to rust, made of steel, lightweight and sturdy. Reliability and versatility are other factors you should also consider. For more information on heavy lifting and yachting equipment, visit Equiplite. They have the best pocket-friendly deals.

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2021’s Top Long-Lasting Kitchen Trends



In the first half of 2020, many of us spent more time at home than ever before, and the ways we cook, entertain, work, and rest in our homes changed considerably. Kitchens are changing in both look and function. We asked experts in the sector to predict what this hardworking industry will look like in 2021. Hygiene and cleanliness will be prioritized in kitchen designs, while flexibility for a variety of purposes and users will be maintained. 


1. Colors that are warm


While white will continue to be the most popular kitchen color, warmer tints will eventually overtake the chilly tones of recent years. PPG released a trio of hues for its 2021 palette of the year, which are found in a warm beige and highlighted by shades of orange and blue. Warm colors that create thoughts of compassion and comfort were chosen by our global color experts. We naturally gravitate toward these hues when the world undergoes occurrences that cause disturbance. These comfort hues, like comfort foods, provide a sense of familiarity and normalcy when confronted with the unknown.” Greenery, natural wood tones, gold accents, and woven textures can all be used to complement the cheerful colors.


2. Large Islands

According to the 2021 NKBA trend report, large islands (at least 24 square feet in size) are a must-have in the post-pandemic kitchen. The kitchen island has evolved to support work and study with lots of outlets, in addition to providing a location for food prep, cooking, and storage.


A layout adjustment that mirrors a broader trend of including more kitchen seating will be islands that double as dining tables. “Additional seating is crucial when there are more people in the kitchen doing different chores on the island at the same time,” explains Sarah Robertson, the founder and principal designer of Studio Dearborn.


Although a refurbishment can aid in the creation of the ideal do-it-all island, Robertson claims that it is not required. Adding an antique metal drawer unit or counter-height dresser to one end of your island is a brilliant idea for expanding it.This can add modern kitchen cabinet and drawer storage as well as a work surface.All you have to do now is make sure the drawers are strong enough to support some weight. A table adjacent to the island serves as a multipurpose office, casual meeting spot, and designated dining area.


3.Touchless faucets 

In 2021, many homes will make a quick and inexpensive kitchen upgrade by installing a new faucet. Whether it’s our increased awareness of house hygiene or a growing demand for hands-free functionality, touchless kitchen faucets are becoming increasingly popular. 


Motion-control, hands-free faucets and  touch-tap faucets, will be more popular than classic lever kitchen faucets, according to the most recent trend report for 2021. Voice-activated faucets were also mentioned for the first time in the report. Not only is this new faucet feature more hygienic, but it might also help you be more productive in the kitchen. It means you can now turn on the water to wash your hands or even dispense the exact amount you need for pasta or soup using easy commands.


For a low-maintenance improvement that won’t show fingerprints, choose matte or brushed finishes. Donato advises matte black faucets for “a deeper, warmer feel than typical stainless steel” if you’re working with warmer hues in your kitchen.


The emphasis will be on the sorts of materials used for range hoods rather than strong embellishments. “Expect slab material for the hood, such as marble, thin veneer porcelain, or plaster,” she says, “making it a standout piece.” To produce these eye-catching components, seek for natural materials and wood tones in particular.


4. Outdoor connections that are strong

COVID-19 inspired many households to bring their indoor spaces outside in 2020 and 2021.A visible and physical connection to the outside will be one of the primary design aspects in this year’s kitchens. Bifold doors and wider windows, particularly those that almost touch the countertop, will be utilized to create a “more stylish and less obtrusive perspective,” according to Muller. It’s also functional: these windows and doors allow for fresh air flow, which is a desirable trend as a result of the epidemic.


Muller acknowledges that these modifications can be costly. Is there a way to achieve the same result without undergoing an architectural upgrade? You can substitute the organic linen or delicate woven shades in a basic pattern for your hefty window treatments.



Many of us gained a whole new appreciation for our kitchens during the pandemic  it’s we baked all kinds of bread, worked from home, cooked meals when we couldn’t go out, watched too much television, aimlessly scrolled through our phones, and so on and our list has plenty of design ideas for those looking to revamp this frequently used space.


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