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Basic Features Of MyNordstrom Portal

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Basic Features Of MyNordstrom Portal

If you are a new employee of Nordstrom you might not be familiar with the portal and its benefits yet. If you are looking for information on how to handle your MyNordstrom portal or know about the benefits being offered to you, we got you covered. Give this article a read and learn. Most of you would know about Nordstrom, it is a retail store that first started as a shoe business and now operating 380 chains with 72000 employees.

Managing a big workforce is a difficult job so the Nordstrom software department developed the MyNordstrom portal for the company’s ease and employee’s efficiency. MyNordstrom is available to both workers and company. Search the address on your search bar and login to your account, the app is still not available for the workers but I guess the company is still working on it. If you are a new be, you have to sign up to access all the features. If you want more information regarding sign up, visit this website. Here are some slick features of MyNordstrom portal:

Working Schedule:

If you are someone, who find it hard to visit the office or call your friends so you can catch up on your daily schedule. I got you, who has time these days. For your convenience, your daily schedule gets updated every day on the MyNordstrom portal. You can easily check your working hours and off days.


If you want to know about the place where you work, all the latest news regarding the company gets updated on the news tab. Check the news tab now and then. This is such a benefit.

My Pay:

Nordstrom gives you the advantage to keep track of your salary and other payment information. Every little detail regarding your payment is on the My Pay tab. If you see an error, don’t panic, visit the help desk or HR team they will resolve your issue.

Training Session:

The company is keen on providing the best service to its customers. And to make their workers productive the company held training sessions. The training is a great opportunity to learn something, polish new skills and work harder for promotion. Catch on your training session on the MyNordstrom portal. The company also set friendly competitive goals for workers to make them more efficient. And the winner gets tagged as “ Employee Of The Month” and also get a certificate and other prizes.

Employee Information:

The portal is developed in such a way that it benefits both the company and employees. So when the Human Resources Department needs the information of any employee, it is there. Also, the company can track their employees from the MyNordstrom portal.

Other benefits of MyNordstrom portal includes:

  • You can access detailed information about latest bonuses given by the company.
  • Nordstrom takes good care of their part-time employees too and they also get many benefits and get paid for their time. And if you are not a permanent employee yet, apply for the vacant post.
  • You can always make some good friends, the work environment is very friendly and 86% of their employees said they are happy with the job.
  • Grab your hands on annual bonuses and special employee discount, when it gets updated on MyNordstrom portal.
  • To improve your marketing skills learn all the skills and information they give you.
  • Don’t forget to signup up for a 401K program for a secure retirement. You will also find this on your MyNordstrom portal.


Their employees and their customers both are loyal and happy with the company. Nordstrom is a full package of happy job. Your career will always grow in this company and some of their employees are making $200,000 every year. So, why can’t you? There are other benefits like insurance plans, retirement plans, paid vacations and more. If you are new to the job, register yourself under new hire. Explore your portal and apply for all the benefits you think are for you.

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