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Be strategic in your scrutiny of our content- MJ the Comedian urges comedy lovers



Ghanaian comedian, MJ the Comedian, has urged Ghanians to criticise their work with an open mind.

According to him, it takes a lot of hard work to produce content for viewers to enjoy, but negative comments from viewers dim their spirit.

In a recent interview with Ameyaw Debrah on Ameyaw TV, MJ explained that harsh comments breaks them down.

“When we do something and you want to scrutinise us, please let it be strategic. You see, this is something we’ve invested our whole life, this is what we do, and sometimes your words might end up breaking us, you get me, we are all human. So be very cautious with the kind of words you put out there,” he cautioned.


MJ, who has had some loyal fans since the start of his career, expressed his profound gratitude to them.

“And to my fans, my loyal fans, Charlie, thank you guys. You people are the reason why we are still doing this without your support. We’ll post a video and we’ll even not get a single view. So keep on supporting and we’ll also keep giving good content.

MJ is set to host a comedy special, “Sex after Marriage” on the 18th of February at the Snap cinemas.

Watch full interview below;


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