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"Beef" is over: Sarkodie and Manifest shake it out in Multimedia Car Park



manifest x sark manifest x sark[/caption] It looks like the famous 2016 “beef” between rappers Sarkodie and Manifest may have ended as the two were spotted shaking hands and exchanging pleasantaries inside Multimedia’s car park this morning. Coincidentally, the two were both at the premises of Multimedia for different interviews,  M.anifest had just finished an interview on Hitz FM while Sarkodie was also waiting in his car for an interview on Joy FM. One may not understand why this meeting is so significant, if you remember, in 2016, M.anifest, in his ‘godMC’ track, went after Sarkodie after he released his “Bossy” song. Sarkodie was quick  to respond to M.anifest in his “Kanta” track. Their beef trended on social media for a while and Manifest was voted the winner. The two have since stayed out of each other’s way as we haven’t seen them together anywhere. So it was definitely a sight to see after the two were captured exchanging pleasantries with a little chit-chat at the car park of Multimedia. Asking for a new collaboration may seem too soon, but who knows, Sarkodie and M.anifest may just surprise us all. Until then, we’ll keep this photo dear to our hearts.  


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