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“Being pregnant for nine months is extremely scary for me” – MzGee



Media Personality, Gloria Akpene popularly known as MzGee has revealed why she has decided to not have any children after three years of marriage.

MzGee is married to JoyNews journalist, Raymond Acquah but she doesn’t think she will be giving birth any time soon.

In an interview with,  the ‘Simply Showbiz’ host said the thought of her being pregnant for nine months coupled with the pains of childbearing frightens her so much.

”I’m psyching myself gradually for it. I just wish that I could just wake up one day, I’m pregnant; the next day I have a child. I wish it works like that and seriously, the nine-month thing, it scares me,
I can’t imagine myself running around with a huge belly. Being pregnant for nine months is extremely scary for me and I’m still training my mind to come to terms with it.” she stated.

She noted that they are still a young couple and her husband and family are understanding, therefore there is no pressure on her to have a baby now.

“My husband and I are still a young couple and we are not ready for children yet. My busy schedule won’t allow me to have time for my children and that’s why we are waiting for a while.” she added.

Watch the full interview below:

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