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Best Islands to Visit in Hong Kong



Hong Kong is one of the most visited places in the world. The coastal city, which comprises 260 territorial islands and peninsulas, has amassed a whopping 55.91 million visitor arrivals in 2019. Considering its beautiful culture and the hospitality of its people, there’s no question why this peninsula is famous among world travelers. 

Lantau Island

This beautiful island is one of the most visited islands in Hong Kong. It is the second most well-known island aside from the Hong Kong-mainland. Lantau Island is home to a few must-visit tourist spots such as the mega 112-feet tall Big Buddha. Every year thousands of tourists flock the island to pay a visit to the majestic Big Buddha. 

Lantau Island is also home to one of the happiest places on Earth, the Hong Kong Disneyland. Travelers whose bucket lists include visiting every Disneyland on the planet should put Hong Kong Disneyland on top of their lists as it features some of the most popular and unique rides.

There are hundreds of reasons to visit this island. If you’re planning to visit anytime sooner, please check out some Hong Kong facts to guide you. This magical island also offers fantastic sites for hiking and trekking for adventurers seeking a different kind of thrill. Plan out your next trip and add Lantau Island to your list.

Lamma Island 

This island is perfect for travelers who need a break from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong-mainland. This 20-minute ferry ride island is an absolute sight to see. Lamma Island is known for its calm, relaxing, free-spirited, and hippie vibe that entices travelers from all over the globe. 

It is home to one of the world’s most picturesque beaches perfect for people who love to take Instagram photos. The breathtaking sights of this island will get you closer to nature. So don’t forget to pack your swimsuits and trekking gear for a once in a lifetime adventure at Lamma Island.

Cheung Chau Island 

This busy island is just minutes away from Hong Kong-mainland and is home to numerous attractions. Every year, Cheung Chau Island welcomes thousands of tourists from around the world, seeking new adventure and looking forward to visiting some of the most famous seafood restaurants in the peninsula.

Cheung Chau is most popular with seafood-loving travelers with most of its locals’ livelihood including fishing or fish trading. One of Hong Kong’s major fish traders comes from this island as it serves the freshest, most sumptuous kinds of seafood in the country. 

This relatively small island is home to Hong Kong’s best seafood restaurant. Visit the So Bor Kee and devour their famous Sichuan style shrimps and oyster omelets. So be sure to get ready and prepare an empty stomach so you can eat a lot.

Sharp Island

This destination island is Hong Kong’s pride when it comes to water sports and other beach adventures. This tiny island is packed with so many water activities for thrill-seeking tourists. Famous beaches in Sharp Island offer the most fun water activities such as jet skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, kayaking, and among other things. 

Sharp Island is home to two of the most amazing beaches in the country. Take a dip in the clearest waters of Hap Mun Bay Beach and take the most Instagram perfect photos at Kiu Tsui Beach. Pack some extra water sports gear and your underwater cameras for this adventure of a lifetime. 

Tung Lung Chau Island

This island offers a different type of adventure for travelers around the world. If you seek the thrill of rock wall climbing, then this is the place to be. Tung Lung Chau Island is famous for its scaling natural rock walls that resemble a vast fortress. 

Two of the most visited places on the island are the Technical Wall and the Sea Gully Wall that offer wall climbing to its visitors. These wall natural rock formations in Tung Lung Chau have become favorite spots for famous wall climbing sports enthusiasts.


The diverse culture of Hong Kong and its warm, hospitable countrymen are the main reasons why world travelers visit the peninsula. These are just some of the most popular islands to visit that made our list. 

If we have tickled your curiosity, there are hundreds of islands in Hong Kong that will surely captivate your adventurous hearts. Just check out some of these islands and what they offer to globetrotters like you.