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Best Places To HookUp During The Day



Sex in public isn’t just for voyeurs or users of hookup sites, it’s more for those who just want the thrill. When it comes to public sex, most people use parks as a place to have a quickie, but sometimes there can be an opportunity for more intense sex in public places, and there are places where it can happen. Here are some of the best places to do it in public.

1 – Public Park

  • Pros: It is a great place to begin having sex in public because it is safe and private. If you have more privacy, you can also have sex in a car and drive to a park. You don’t need to ask anyone’s permission; 
  • Cons: One of the worst places to be seen is the public restroom. You won’t be able to use your phone or do anything else, so sex can be extremely boring, and people passing by can’t be avoided.

When you’re looking to have some outdoor sex, some people love the idea of using a park, but there are others who find it creepy. When you’re in a park, you can find benches where you can make out with your partner while they’re holding onto the park’s handrail. If you’re looking to enjoy some outdoor sex with your partner, you can enjoy some kissing and some cuddling in a public park. People have reported enjoying some outdoor sex in a park. 

2 – The Fitting Room

  • Pros: It is convenient to use, but some people can also be found, so you don’t need to take the risk. You can do whatever you want here, no one is going to say anything; 
  • Cons: This place is not exactly private, so you should never expect to be secluded in a room with another person. It is best to take a quickie in a private room to make it more comfortable and safe for both of you.

The fitting room is perfect for beginners who are just starting to develop in this direction. Such places are very extreme and very popular. In the summer, lifting your girlfriend’s dress, or completely naked, and having passionate sex in front of mirrors will bring great pleasure because you are doing it in the public. The main thing is to choose a good store, in which booths are closed with a latch, and the curtains are suitable for the most reckless couples.

3 – A Car

  • Pros: The number one thing about this place is to keep going, so if you can’t think of something else, you should use it. Most public places won’t care what you are doing, so no one will complain or give you trouble; 
  • Cons: This is not the safest place for doing things.

In the spring or summer, choose a nice sunny day and go to the highway, park somewhere in the fields on the side of the road and have wild sex in the back seat of the car. Or you can do it in a traffic jam in the very center of the city, but in order not to be embarrassed, the car windows must be well tinted.

4 – Walking Paths

  • Pros: No one is going to come to your house and tell you that you are doing something wrong, so it is a very safe place to have sex in public; 
  • Cons: If you are really in a hurry, it might be hard to make it happen.

The best thing about this place is that you can make the move with confidence, but if you are really in a hurry you should always make sure that no one is around. If you are getting off by accident, at least stay on the pathway so you can hide from people walking by, and then start walking towards the end. It can be a good choice for sex in a hurry, so that is how people use it in real life.

5 – Street

  • Pros: The number one thing about this place is to be more intimate and quiet than usual, so it can be really romantic and private; 
  • Cons: There is a risk of being seen, so you should consider that as a point that you have to take.

The most common outdoor places for public sex are yards and gateways, which are rarely visited by other people. That means that you will be safe from other people and can enjoy sex more or less in peace. Most people can only watch and not get in the way. However, if you use this place, you should have sex when no one else is around, and it is recommended to do it during the day before you start having sex because people going to and from work are more common.

6 – Library

  • Pros: It is the best place to find a partner who has the same tastes and intentions;
  • Cons: Some people don’t like the idea of having sex in public, so this place might be too crowded for some people.

A joint trip for your favorite literature can bring not only moral pleasure but also physical. Quick sex will defuse a boring atmosphere between books and a small number of people.

7 – Night Club

  • Pros: It is the best place to try out your sex life. It is also the best place to find a partner for one-night stands;
  • Cons: This is not a safe place to have sex.

Any party will allow you to find among a large number of guests a small place that will be the hottest and most humid after you leave. Such an event is a great reason to believe in your ability to have sex in unusual places, which conceived ends with complete satisfaction from both partners. Yes, and at the party now you will be much more fun than before crazy sex

8 – Landing

  • Pros: This is the best place for a first time because you will be able to make the move and enjoy the feeling;
  • Cons: It might be scary to do it here.

This place might be a good fit for those who like to be adventurous and try new things. Loud moans throughout the house will excite your partner, even more, choose a comfortable position and take a good break from household chores.

9 – Cinema

  • Pros: The most romantic way to have outdoor sex; 
  • Cons: Extremely high risk of being caught.

It’s best to go to adult films so as not to accidentally traumatize someone’s childish psyche. You need to have sex in the last rows, where the light from the screen does not reach as bright as in the first rows. Relax and enjoy oral or another kind of sex.

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