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Best Short Hairstyles 2019

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Best Short Hairstyles 2019

Different variations of short hairstyles 2019 are taking the hair fashion scene by surprise. Ladies always want to rock a fresh and new look every year, and with different variations of short hairstyles, they are able to achieve their desires easily. So if you are here because you wanted the short haircuts that are on trend now, you are in the right place.

The hairstyle fashion is changing every day. The long haircuts are almost getting vanished completely. Mot ladies are choosing short and medium hairstyles over the long haircuts, and the reason is clear-short haircuts require minimal maintenance as compared to long hairstyles. Short hairstyles 2019are in fashion now, and here we have the best collection for you.

  • Short Ombre Haircut.

Women short hairstyles 2019 are going to be chic and colourful. These haircuts give your hair the best colour shapes. We admire the way the colour in this haircut starts with ombre and blends with pink and melts seamlessly. When the hair colour is completely set, create smooth curls to amp the beauty of the shade. Make sure you treat your hair with such exciting hues regularly.

 . Half Braided.

This short hairstyle is ideal for ladies with short hair and wants to maintain their heads free from hair locks. Secure the entire front hair and braid the rest of the hair to a half rubber band. You can also hold and twist small portion of the hair around the bands

This glamorous hairstyle appears beautiful on straight hair. However, it can also be tried on moderate curls. Besides, the hairstyle can be accentuated by choosing two braids, one on one side and the other on the other.

  • Pushed Back Hair.

If haircuts that has a lot of layers in the front doesn’t go well with you, then this type of hairstyle can be a lifesaver. Just use some pomade or gel on the crown region and comb your hair to the back without partitioning it. Set the entire hair with hairspray and get ready with your best outfit to rock your birthday.

  • Dutch Braid.

At a glance, this hairstyle may look complicated, but some practice and patience are necessary. These women short hairstyles 2019 looks great when worn with any outfit whether a date out or an office look.

To achieve this gorgeous style, commence by braiding the strands from the bottom and hold it at the front. Relax the hair a bit and style some curly fringes in the front. By doing so, you will be ready to rock one of the best short haircuts 2019.

  • Layered Bob With Sparks.

Some beautiful short hairstyles for women with caramel streaks. This hairstyle of 2019 will be ideal for enhancing the volume of your hair. And if you fancy to give your locks some oomph, chop it to get an A-line first. To increase volume at the back, trim the layers.

Remember that the more layers you come up with, the more volume you will get. To finish the style, highlight some strands in two different light shades close to your original hair tone. Straightforward to style and low maintenance, yet extra lively compared to the rest of short hairstyles.

  • Honeycomb Curls.

The best short hairstyles 2019 is all about utilising curls. Get something that can add volume and cool vibe for your curls. Opt for a short hairstyle and use a curler to curl it. If you are bestowed with naturally wavy or curly hair, you can easily get the honeycomb look. Maintain the hair messy and well nourished.

Also, don’t forget to maintain the curls tight and embrace golden brown accents to enhance the style more. We are sure that this style will give you more compliments than you ever imagined.

  • Smooth Hair.

Differently, from mess effect, this short haircut for women is inspired by Kim Kardashian. The sharper outline at the crown is making this haircut exceptional and setting it apart from common haircuts.

After styling this hairstyle, ensure that you smoothen it. Set the entire look using serum and hairspray.

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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