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Best Tips To Start Your Healthy Living Journey



Today’s times demand a lot of time and attention from everyone – be it students, professionals, parents, retirees, and even children. When we live in a world where everything is fast-paced, we tend to be stuck in our screens doing work, updating our social media accounts, or playing the latest update to our favorite games. Little do we know, we’re not eating properly, we’re losing out on sleep, and we barely do physical activity and let alone stand from our seats.

It seems health is the price we pay for being too absorbed with technology and work… but this shouldn’t be the case. In fact, with the right planning and research, we can be on our way to healthy living even with a busy, tech-filled schedule. How do we pull this off, though?

Healthy Living Today: All a Matter of Balance

If healthy living is part of your New Year’s Resolution this year, you’re in luck as that’s our Resolution, too! And if part of the problem involves not being able to let go of your laptop or your smartphone, we might have a solution to healthy living that’s just right for your needs. The trick to healthy living is balance, and here’s how you can approach it:

1.Eat less with room for enjoyment. Dieting can be one of the hardest things to do when pursuing healthy living, especially since, well, food tastes good. Other than that, a lot of people do treat food differently. Others use it as a coping mechanism, while others simply like to eat. The tricky part about pursuing a diet is that it may not necessarily work for everyone, and it may not be fit for everyone’s health in the first place. A better approach would be to eat less, try eating more of the right food, and to make room for enjoyment every now and then.

    • When dieting, try choosing a diet you’ll be able to consistently do. A diet that makes you lose weight fast won’t matter if you regain everything just as fast. As such, it’s also better to choose a diet that might have slow turnover of results, but also something you can consistently do for an extended period of time.
    • When you do pursue a diet, make it a point to motivate yourself to do it consistently. If you need to, try to find apps and programs on dieting and calorie counting so you can keep track of your progress. This also gives you a handy means of checking how you’re performing without the hassle.
    • Before you pursue any kind of diet, make sure you consult a dietician and your doctor first. This is especially if a diet you want to try needs you to cut off or try specific food. Their advice can greatly help you find a diet that’s fit for your needs. This is especially since they can help you identify the kind of food you should eat more and eat less of, based on your health needs.

2. Maintain physical activity to ensure strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of maintaining our health is to always ensure we get to do physical activity every day. Click here for more. However, this doesn’t mean we should immediately get ourselves a gym membership. Rather, it’s that we should always take time to perform physical actions and not just sit down or lie down all the time. This can come in all sorts of ways, such as walking, doing a sport, running errands around work or school, or simply just working out at home. Maintaining our body today will greatly help us avoid physical complications when we become older adults, especially ailments related to the bones and muscles.

    • Before you pursue any workout, assess your fitness level first. If you don’t want to consult a dietician or your doctor for this, you can start with simple routines and then switch things up every 3 months to half a year. This might be taking it slow – but the point here is to switch things up so that the body will always know we’re working out and will not “get used” to the routine. 
    • Avoid pursuing muscle growth and weight loss at the same time, as they may have mixed results. When you start losing weight, you also lose a bit of muscle mass. So if you want to look fit, start by losing weight first with the help of Slimagic.
    • Likewise, muscle growth isn’t always about weightlifting or going to the gym. When pursuing muscle growth, remember that it fits best with the right kind of meals as well. If you want to get a bigger body, focus on lifting exercises across all areas of the body.
    • If you want a more “neutral” build, or if you don’t have a specific “target,” try pursuing sports instead. This not only adds an element of fun to your physical activity, they most likely engage all parts of the body.
    • If you’re more of a communal kind of person, you can download apps and join fitness groups and communities online to find workout buddies. This can help you get motivated to maintain your progress with your workout.

3. Focus on mental acuity to maintain sharpness of mind. Just because we’re pursuing “healthy living” doesn’t necessarily mean we should forget about improving our mental faculties as well. It’s important for us to exercise our brains just like how we want to prioritize eating properly, exercising regularly, and sleeping right. When we regularly exercise our brain, we give it the time it needs to process information that we learn and help us solve problems better and more efficiently. The fun thing here is that, just like when it comes to diet and exercise, improving our mental faculties come in various different ways as well.

    • Engaging the mind doesn’t necessarily mean play puzzle games all the time. This can be in the form of actively reading news articles, or reading about things you’re passionate about. This practice helps your brain “refresh” its memory and stimulate your learning centers by absorbing new information. This means your time browsing the internet can be useful to the brain… provided you do something meaningful with it.
    • Solving puzzles and engaging in various discussions can stimulate parts of your brain that controls comprehension, speech, and analysis. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should always argue with people online. Rather, you shouldn’t hesitate to engage with discussions with friends as this is a good exercise to assess your knowledge and learn new things.
    • Try playing video games to actively stimulate your mental faculties. We don’t just mean puzzle games or casual games. You can actively engage your mind by playing different sorts of games – like strategy games like WarCraft, puzzles like Scrabble, or even Monopoly. Moreover, different games can stimulate different areas of the brain. Shooters help improve hand-eye coordination, while racing games like Madalin Stunt Cars 2 force you to strategize on the fly.

4. Take breaks properly and diligently. Regardless of whether you’re pursuing weight loss, muscle growth, or maintaining your health in general, it’s important to take note of how you rest and take your breaks everyday. This is especially when you’ve started a diet or an exercise routine, as resting is just as important when it comes to processing knowledge, healing damaged muscles, and your body’s overall maintenance. Don’t hesitate to sleep when you’re tired, to rest your muscles when they’re injured, and to splurge on the occasional cheat day. It’s these breaks that ensure your mind and body’s processes stay as stable and sharp as possible throughout your fitness journey.

    • Don’t forget about getting the right sleep. It’s important for the body to get adequate rest especially after a busy day in order to rejuvenate and recuperate from the stress. Sleep gives the body time to repair damaged muscles and to stimulate them for growth.
    • Regardless of whether or not you’re doing intensive physical or mental activities,  always remember to take breaks. Try taking a minute long break after sets when you workout. You can also ensure that you skip exercising on days you know you’re injured. Rest is just as integral for health as both the right diet and exercise. These breaks help the body regenerate, and fix itself when there’s damage.
    • If you’re having a difficult time taking breaks, try to download alarm apps or scheduling apps in order to integrate it to your usual schedule.

Healthy Living 2020 and Beyond: It’s a Healthy, Techie World

If there’s anything the above tips can share with us, it’s that healthy habits moving forward will most likely include some aspect of technology to it. Interestingly enough, it seems more and more industries have begun approaching their products and services with seamless technological integration in mind. This means, and like what the above tips have shared, we’re slowly going to transition to a world where even health will be largely dominated by tools, software, and hardware.

Despite these additions, though, don’t forget to remember that you shouldn’t forsake your health just for your work, your studies, or the benefits that technology brings us. Now that tech has been introduced into our ways of healthy living, don’t forget to make sure you use it in a way that can benefit your overall wellness.