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Best Ways to Gamble Online in Africa



Despite the overall economic difficulties that African countries continue to experience, there is a steady rise in the level of revenue generated by the gambling companies that operate in Africa. Although most of the African gambling activities take place in physical casinos, online betting is taking center stage.

Also, as technology advances, people become more comfortable with online payment options. It is predicted that more and more betting enthusiasts will play online in the coming days.

Most of the gambling services establish functional websites in developed countries. However, some have discovered the potential of the African market. South Africa forms part of the counties that are considered the most promising by the betting companies because its economy performs better as compared to the other African nations.

What are the other countries that are preferred by the betting companies? What is the reason behind the growth in online gambling? Let’s take a look at the current situation in the African region.

  •     South Africa

It is the largest African gambling market, with revenues from this activity rising almost twice within the last couple of years. South Africa regulates gambling activities in all its provinces through properly instituted gambling boards.

No operator is allowed to work in this industry without a license issued by the South African government. However, you can see many betting sites operating within the country. It is one’s responsibility to analyze the services and place bets with trustworthy companies only.

  •     Nigeria

Although the Nigerian gambling market is smaller than that of South Africa, the total revenues from gambling here have grown to double digits within the last three years. By the end of 2019, the industry generated more than $60 million. It shows that you can’t ignore the potential of Nigeria when it comes to gambling.

The country is known for sports betting, with the gamblers reported to place more than $4 billion in 2019. A huge majority of the betters are between the ages of eighteen and forty.

Gambling laws are pretty ambiguous, and many companies have established their websites in Nigeria to cater to those who love betting. The variety of payment methods make betting even easier.

  •     Kenya

In this country, gambling laws were in place more than forty years ago. Whether you love sports betting, poker games, or any other form of gambling, you can have it all here. Some reputable establishments and resorts offer luxury options for those who want casino experience.

Besides, Royal Kenya Casino was the first company to get a license for online gambling services in 2014. Overall, there’s a betting control board put in place to regulate all the gambling activities in the country.

That said, out of all the fifty-four African countries, more than forty have legalized gambling. What are the best ways to gamble online in this region?

How to Choose an Online Casino

When you go to the African region, you will find more than forty live casinos here. Other countries with casino resorts that come close to those found in Las Vegas include Botswana and Morocco. These joints act as tourist attractions for locals and foreigners.

The resorts have led to the rapid development of the hosting cities. These establishments generate revenues, give employment to the locals, and generally increase the level of demand for commodities in these regions.

However, you can find many online-only casinos, and it can be challenging to determine a trustworthy service on the go. Moreover, the services that offer online betting globally may not be allowed in Africa.

Sharon Bruce, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, stated: “There is stiff competition among the casino companies. In a bid to get more clients, these companies provide online gambling services to customers located beyond the borders of the country where they operate. Such websites come in handy when you are in Africa, but you need to make sure that they actually can operate here.”

The company you choose has to be legible for you to be allowed to gamble. As such, you should do your research to know what works and which one does not operate in the country.

Moreover, you should assess the reputation of the company you are dealing with. You can read reviews from customers who have used the provider’s services before. If you place bets with a company without assessing its credibility, you may lose money.

Use Your Smartphone

Technology has brought a lot of convenience to humans. People can now gamble through their phones. In most cases, gambling companies have apps that allow players to place bets even more conveniently.

Besides, as seen on The New York Times, tablets and smartphones routinely capture the details of every transaction and, thus, offer safety when betting on sports. However, you should only play if you are sure that the online casino you are dealing with is credible, not to lose your hard-earned money.

As recommended by Vents Magazine, you should read about the payouts before playing. Casino scams are everywhere, and Africa isn’t an exception. Legit casinos have clear payment info and secure modes of payments.

Moreover, ensure that online gambling is legal where you are. The rules differ from one country to another.

Go for Sports Betting if You Like It

Some people do not love the standard casino games, such as roulette. Fortunately, there are many different gambling activities to engage in. You can opt for sports betting if you are a fan of football, basketball, or other sporting activities.

In Africa, many people love sports betting. Therefore, you will not feel like you are out of place. Most have their preferred teams and feel comfortable betting on them.

However, you should be cautious. According to New African Magazine, criminal betting syndicates do occur in Africa through match-fixing, bribing referees, players, and administrators.

You should not limit yourself to what happens in the local arena. There are international sporting events that you can bet on. Look for sites with the games you love.

The Final Word

Gamblers love Africa because it is becoming more liberal when it comes to this activity. As seen on Gambling News Magazine, over thirty African nations offer casinos and slot machines to anyone interested in gambling. Thus, there are many options to select.