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Betting secrets: playing at high odds to outsmart a bookmaker



 It is important to abide by the betting helpful secrets and strategies to win high odds bets 

What you need to know when betting on high odds 

You can start by looking for reliable statistics. A well-informed site with advanced statistics will do the trick. It is extremely important to know as many details as possible about each event. Frequently bookmakers offer low odds on a favorite as they expect the majority of players to back them.

As a rule, large odds are played on outcomes in favor of underdogs. But not only. Increased odds are given for extreme handicaps and totals, for long-term bets you can find very high quotes. Combined sections tend to have high odds, as well as accurate score markets and other rare selections.

How to build a staking plan 

First of all, be aware of the difficulty: if your average odds are high, it will be harder for you to increase your profits. The explanation is that these selections have a fixed win rate, primarily if you are chasing higher odds (e.g. odds of 7.00, which means an implied probability of 14.29%).


Try to find a bookmaker app with big odds like 1xbet download: if your starting bankroll is $1000, the regular bet should be between an affordable amount like 1-2% of the bankroll. With a betting plan of 2% (eg $20) you have to lose 50 times in a row to eliminate your investment. This is too much, even for a beginner who always makes big bets with less chance of success.

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High odds betting advice 

The only sure way to catch big odds is the value-betting strategy. That is, you do not need to make predictions, but calculate the probability of a certain outcome as accurately as possible and compare it with the odds given by bookmakers. If there is value in the market, you should bet.

To learn how to identify the probabilities of outcomes as closely as possible, you need to be deep in the topic of the chosen league or sport. This cannot be learned by some formulas or methods – only experience. Full immersion in all the news.


The higher the coefficient, the greater the effect of dispersion. Therefore, the main thing that needs to be done is to minimize the risks as much as possible. If you are used to betting on an equal line with a flat of 3-5%, then this number will not work here. You are guaranteed frequent losing streaks of 10, 20 or even more bets in a row. 

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