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Beverly Afaglo debunks ‘fake’ report claiming her husband, Choirmaster can’t satisfy her in bed



Ghanaian actress Beverly Afaglo has debunk fake reports that claim she’s yet to have her first orgasm since she got married.

The actress in a social media post called out fake bloggers who are spreading the False news about her and husband.

She wrote: “My attention has been drawn to stories like this going around about me and my husband and people speculating all sorts. It’s funny how journalism or blogging has resulted to lies just to make money off people’s downfall, it’s a shame. Interestingly my husband is unperturbed.I’v been begging him all weekend to allow me to do a video but he said “no, no need, I don’t care coz that’s not my truth” so this all am allowed to do, “Write”. I don’t think any wise or reasonable person will read these headlines and believe it.As young and handsome and strong as my husband is, do u think he can’t satisfy me?Why do u think I got married to him? Huh? *smile …. Am still married to my husband, it’ll be stupid on my part to say that derogatory statement about him when am still with him and not divorced or having problems. I NEVER SAID MY HUSBAND CANT SATISFY ME OR ANY OF THOSE STORIES”

Am very disappointed at all these bloggers and their unprofessionalism”

She also hit back at the people trolling her after the the fake headline circulated social media.

To prove that her man is sexually active contrary to fake reports, the actress said “she is opening heavens gate,come and try my husband, if u no run leaving your pantie,am sure u’ll start fighting me over him”

She added that her marriage will remain strong regardless of the heavy insults from trolls

“Ps u can troll my husband and insult my marriage all u want, this won’t destroy our marriage. Our bond is stronger than u think. May God forgive u all” she wrote.

See her post below


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