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Bidi Group Limited awarded “Excellence in Oil Tank Cleaning, Calibration and Corrosion Mitigation 2019”

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Bidi Group Limited awarded “Excellence in Oil Tank Cleaning, Calibration and Corrosion Mitigation 2019”

Bidi Group Limited, a Petroleum Products and Tank Cleaning services company in Ghana, has been awarded by the Institute of Oil and Gas research and Hydrocarbon studies based in Abuja, Nigeria, ‘The Innovation Award of Excellence in Oil Tank Cleaning, Calibration and Corrosion Mitigation 2019.’

At a press conference held at their Dome offices on June 20th, 2019, the company acknowledged the immense contribution of the general public and especially their  partners in the oil and Gas industry both in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire towards the realization of their vision to ensure clean and efficient energy.

The criteria set out by the institute for winning the award is as follows:

·      Excellence in crude oil and refined products tank cleaning project execution

·      Expertise in oil tank cleaning equipment procurement, utilization and usage

·      Fantastic in tank calibration and fuel storage tank cleaning project management

·      Great in contaminated fuel elimination services and moisture management

·      Competent in Oil Tank Cleaning experts sourcing, recruitment and deployment

·      Good in Ghana’s local content policy compliance, adherence and implementation

·      Proficiency in global health, safety and environment (H.S.E) consideration

·      Brand building, integrity, customer retention and prompt service delivery

·      Service high quality, track record, value creation and operational strategy

·      Overall corporate performance and quality management with transparency

·      Compliance with professional codes, ethical standards and N.P.R.A certified

·      Compliance with governmental regulatory laws and operational guidelines.

About Bidi Group Limited:

Bidi Group Limited, a wholly owned Ghanaian Private Limited Liability Company incorporated in Ghana under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 179), commenced business on September 7, 2010.

They have over the years worked tirelessly to achieve this vision by leveraging the best technology available and constantly improving our processes so far as our core functions are concerned.

Bidi Group was established with the objective to find effective solutions to problems caused by fuel and oil usage and as such provides a comprehensive range of products and services to the downstream petroleum industry in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire.

In its service offering, Bidi Group was the first company licensed by the National Petroleum Authority Act 2005(ACT 691) to undertake mechanical cleaning of Fuel Storage Tanks (both underground and above ground).

Bidi Group has also leveraged the best technology by introducing  a solution for ensuring vehicle (trucks, buses, vans and cars) fuel  tanks are also cleaned in a safe, less costly and timely manner.

The company is also licensed by the National Petroleum Authority to undertake calibration and pressure testing of fuel storage tanks (both underground and above ground).

Bidi Group further offers the service of fuel Treatment and marking to the downstream petroleum industry to serve as a second layer of fuel quality assurance and fuel property enhancement respectively. 

They  acknowledge the challenges faced by both consumers and business owners in the Oil and Gas industry with regards to fuel quality. On that account, we will be introducing shortly to the Ghanaian Market, the Digital Marker, a detecting device capable of sending field results instantly to stakeholders as an effective solution to the problem of fuel adulteration.

Bidi Group has a range of products on sale including fuel enhancers (additives), multipurpose degreasers, anti-corrosive paints and other lubricants under the brand name Xp3.

They are the Territorial Master Distributor for Magnet Chemical Products in West Africa. 

Based in San Diego California USA, Magnet Chemicals Ltd is the parent company of XP LAB INC., manufacturers of Xp3 range of products. 

Bidi Group is thus the exclusive distributor of Xp3 products in the West African Sub region.

The company has its head Office in the Greater Accra Region as well as Operational offices in the Ashanti and Central Regions of Ghana.

In Ivory Coast, the company’s operational office is in the cosmopolitan city of Abidjan.


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