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Big Brother Africa star, globetrotter and playboy, Seydou Soumaré announces his autobiography



Seydou Soumaré announces his autobiography Seydou Soumaré announces his autobiography[/caption] Seydou Soumaré earned continental love and hate with his larger than life character on Big Brother Africa in 2012 and continues to captivate his audiences with his fabulous life! The Angolan globetrotter, playboy, intellectual, cool nerd, and aspiring politician has announced his autobiography, “#LBTU, Life Beyond The Usual”.  The Memoirs chronicles his life experiences of unique ensemble of extraordinary events, from the epic to the disturbing, and the fabled to the traumatic. It can be pre-ordered HERE “From having enjoyed overnight continental fame, to having fiercely battled depression, my life has been full of ups and downs and so has yours. That’s why we are all #LBTU!,” explains Seydou. The Book has 69 chapters and 1 epilogue. 1)Happy Days: Literally the book opens with my first memory ever, I was 1. This chapter basically gives an overview of the early days, the happy ones, before all of the drama. 5) The Ugly Truth: As this chapter dives deep into my family feud, the readers will discover one of my family’s darkest secret, its dark sheep 9) A New Romance: This chapters perfectly describes how I fell deeply in love for the first time and how this relationship affected my life There are honestly too many chapters to write down, hence I will only write the titles. Believe me this is some best seller material. Chapter 1 Happy Days Chapter 2 Lisbon Chapter 3 Homecoming Chapter 4 The Soumaré’s Chapter 5 The Ugly Truth Chapter 6 Early Bloomer Chapter 7 Leader By Default Chapter 8 Loosing My Innocence Chapter 9 A New Romance Chapter 10 Landing in Malta Chapter 11 The Making of A Legend Chapter 12 A Ride To Remember Chapter 13  A Happy Ending Chapter 14 Nostalgia Chapter 15 Just The Two Of Us Chapter 16 Amor Perfeito Chapter 17 Enkhjin Chapter 18 One Last Dance Chapter 19 Summer of 2006 Chapter 20 Change Of Paths Chapter 21 End Of The Road Chapter 22 The Hardest Goodbye Chapter 23 Bairro Alto Chapter 24 Landing in London Chapter 25 Rerouting Chapter 26 Christmas Holidays Chapter 27 Young Lords Chapter 28 Adrianna Gutierrez Chapter 29 Life As We Know It Chapter 30 The Penthouse Chapter 31 A Ghost From The Past Chapter 32 Crossroads Chapter 33 Inside Our Private War Chapter 34 Darkest Hours Chapter 35 Recovery Mode Chapter 36 The Rise Of A Villain Chapter 37 Space Cakes Chapter 38 Bad Trip Chapter 39 Speaking From The Heart Chapter 40 Nothing Was The Same Chapter 41Darkness Beneath The Mask Chapter 42 Emotional Rebirth Chapter 43 Miami Chapter 44 A Sad Welcome Chapter 45 Life After University Chapter 46 Resetting The Clock Chapter 47 A Casting For The Ages Chapter 48 Last Call For Glory Chapter 49 The BBA Experience Chapter 50 The Real World Chapter 51 Le Coup De Maître Chapter 52 15 Minutes Of Fame Chapter 53 A Nuclear Bomb Chapter 54 Duty Calls Chapter 55 Fatherhood Chapter 56 Infamous Decision Chapter 57 French Riviera Rendez-Vous Chapter 58 The Angolan Dream Chapter 59 Either Business Or Pleasure Chapter 60 The Art Of Compounding Chapter 61 Rumour Has It Chapter 62 A Much Needed Breather Chapter 63 Unexpected Romance Chapter 64 The Million-Dollar Sex Chapter 65 Billie Jean Chapter 66 Wunder Boy Chapter 67 Striving For Greatness Chapter 68 The Power Of Failure Chapter 69 Forever Strong Epilogue Dear Son  ]]>


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