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Big Brother Stargame kicks off May 6, plus sneak peek into the house!



It’s only a few days before Big Brother Stargame introduces a new group of larger than life, must watch TV personalities to African television audiences and for fans of the reality super-series that day can’t come soon enough. The show begins on Sunday May 6 in the brand new launch timeslot of 20:00 CAT, and will screen live 24/7 for 91 days on DStv channel 198.   PRIZE: With an attention grabbing ‘winner takes all’ grand prize of USD 300 000 at stake, plus the new ‘doubling up’ of contestants entering the series with partners, BIG BROTHER STARGAME is set to provide more of the entertainment, romance, action, suspense and drama that the series is famous for!   HOST: Returning to the Big Brother stage as series presenter this year is one of Nigeria’s most famous faces IK Osakioduwa, making his fourth appearance at the forefront of the show since taking on the role in 2009. In his charismatic, capable hands lies the truly daunting task of anchoring a series that includes a live one hour Sunday eviction show every week!  But the former Studio 53, Comedy Club and Temptation Nigeria leading man has proven that he’s more than up to the task of keeping viewers up to date and informed. But he’s not the only star returning to the spotlight this week when Big Brother returns…   HOUSE: The Big Brother house, a character in its own right, returns as well, studded with 53 cameras and 120 microphones. Once again, the house features a bold new design in line with the theme of the series. This week producers provided a sneak peek into Biggie’s revamped hideaway, and it’s a contrasting combination of retro fusion and glittering glam all the way.  From the look of things, there are two contradictory styles at play leading to the question…what’s Biggie up to now?   One look is definitely inspired by the diners of 50s Hollywood, colorful pastels and bold bright shapes accented by the iconic black and white check patterns, bringing back memories of jukeboxes, bunk beds and soda fountains. The other is sleek and sophisticated, echoing a classy and exclusive dance club where opulence and luxury are the keys to a good time. Polished glass, gold finishes and delicate accessories…its style meets elegance all the way!   The latest images from Big Brother are sure to keep its fans guessing and it’s these fans who remain firmly at the heart of the show’s success.   ONLINE: Just weeks after the new season of Big Brother was announced this year, fans already recorded another series milestone, with the official Big Brother Facebook page winning an astonishing 700 000 likes while its Twitter base grew to almost 100 000 followers. With the series now days away, those numbers are set to rise and in recognition of the large online following that the show attracts, this year, the two hour live launch show will be streamed live and free at, starting at 19.45 CAT.   So if you can access the internet, you can watch!   STAR: Set to perform three of his hit-making songs, sensational American music star J.Cole will take to the stage at the Big Brother StarGame launch, kicking off the show in fine form! He is expected to perform Can’t Get Enough, Nobody’s Perfect and Work Out but whatever he chooses on the day, it’s sure to be something that fans will love. Remember to check out Channel O for all the behind-the-scenes footage from his trip to Africa!   So that’s the scoop of Big Brother for now…remember it all starts at 20:00 CAT on Sunday May 6! Big Brother StarGame is headlined sponsored by Coca-Cola and produced for M-Net’s AfricaMagic by Endemol South Africa.]]>