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Big Brother Stargame Update: Zainab tell DKB that he gets all his jokes from google



A conversation about the lives of celebrities quickly spiraled into full on verbal fisticuffs. Zainab and DKB gave their fellow Starmates a show when they engaged in verbal fisticuffs in the lounge this evening. What was initially a conversation about celebrities quickly took an ugly turn. Zainab complained that DKB was very disrespectful for always saying nasty things about celebrities. The two then went at each other for close to an hour, with DKB calling Zainab a messed up wannabe who does not know anything about ‘celebrity’. An incensed Zainab did not hold back either. “You say you are a comedian? You probably get all your jokes from Google,” she told him. At some point during the argument, DKB said he was raised by a horse and would teach Zainab a lesson she would not forget anytime soon. He then told Zainab she is not a real woman because she has not cooked since she entered Upville. “Make me tea and after you do, we will have a ceremony where you will graduate to womanhood,” he said. Prezzo then cut the fight short by dragging DKB to the bedroom, leaving Zainab in tears. Barbz quickly ran to her side and comforted her. It seems DKB cannot seem to keep himself out of trouble. What could the issue be? – By NgettyD]]>

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