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Big Brother The Chase Update: Elikem escapes narrowly, See how Africa Voted!!



Here is how Africa voted this week (23 June 2013) – We say goodbye to Motamma (Botswana) and Betty (Ethiopia). Here’s who which country voted for: Angola: Oneal Botswana: Oneal Ghana: Elikem Kenya: Nando Ethiopia: Betty Malawi: Natasha Namibia: Nando Nigeria: Nando South Africa: Oneal Sierra Leone: Bolt Tanzania: Nando Uganda: Nando Zambia: Natasha Zimbabwe: Natasha Rest of Africa: Oneal Total: Nando = 5; Oneal = 4; Natasha =3, Bolt = 1, Elikem = 1, Betty = 1, Motamma = 0. (Total: 15 Votes) Please Note: Tie-breaker rules were applied to Betty, Bolt and Elikem as they each had one popularity vote. The housemate with the lowest average percentage across all countries is Betty, and was therefore she was Evicted. Weekly Winners: DStv Walka : Moipone Magwedi – South Africa, Uhuru Tablet: Jackson Kanchiputu – Malawi , HD PVR Winner: Evidence Maengamhuu – Zimbabwe.

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