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Big Brother The Chase Update: Real Love or Faking It? – Hakeem’s love letter to Cleo



What does Hakeem want? From the looks of things, love is driving the Zimbabwean crazy with a capital cray. At first the young model pined non-stopfor his lady Cleo after the two were separated and things were great between the cute pair for a while. But then last night he swore off the Zambian beauty and even threatened to not pitch at their rendezvous today after she refused to move to the Diamond House to be with him. But today it looks like he has had a change of heart again as he spent the wee hours of the morning penning a love letter to his young hip hop empress who goes by the name Ice Princess in the rap world. The letter reads: To Cleo… Ice Princess When I asked you for water… you gave me a well. My prayer… that it never runs dry. From Hakeem, with love. Wow, well if that isn’t enough to melt an ice queen’s heart we don’t know what will. So it looks like Hakeem will pitch for the rendezvous after all and for Cleo’s sake we hope that he means what he says and won’t go changing his mind again.

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