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Big Brother Update: Celebrity chefs and cowboys

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Big Brother Update: Celebrity chefs and cowboys

This week Big Brother has challenged the M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars housemates to test their culinary skills in their Celebrity Chefs Task. Housemates will be given recipes and ingredients as well as chef uniforms and will cook up a storm, Celebrity Chef style.

They will be given four recipe’s per day, with one Housemate in charge of the recipe. The other Housemates will be kitchen assistants when not in charge of a recipe. During Presentation time, the boys are expected to tackle it in an entertaining and informative manner. The boys have meanwhile decided to 75 Percent Wager for their task..

Back in the Barn, The Barnmates also received their Task Brief for the Week, which is different from the House Task. The gang will be African Cowboys!

However before their Task begins, Biggie expressed how the Barn had turned into a pig sty. The Task will be put on hold until the place is scrubbed down and tidied. The Barnmates will be expected to sing like cowboys, dance like cowboys, play cowboy games, all this while dressed like cowboys. Barnmates will be given a list of Tasks to complete and ways in which to complete them. T will be up to Barnmates to organize themselves and be disciplined enough to complete the list with diligence and creativity.
As soon as she read the Task Brief, Lerato mentioned how lucky Tatiana is because she already has the boots, referring to Tatiana’s cowboy boots. When Wager decision came, the Barnmates went for the standard they are known for, which is 75 Percent.

Also on Tuesday, Uti told Mwisho how successful he (Uti) is in his country and Mwisho was just wasting people’s money and votes. “You need to grow balls. You did not do anything successful after Big Brother, that’s why you are back here.”

Mwisho was dumbfounded and pointed out that if Uti was as successful as he says he is, he would not have come back onto the show too. “You would not be here if you have done so much,” Mwisho said. Uti mentioned how he is on the show because he is selfless and is doing it for his fans, who look up to him.

“Clearly you are here to beg for money,” he told Mwisho. Uti went on and told Mwisho how he is a pathetic excuse for a man and would probably squander his money if he won. Mwisho ended the conversation by saying, “It’s funny how you are in the same place and you think you are better than me.”

Meanwhile back in the Barn, the newest member of Barnville, Meryl, had absolutely no idea what Big Brother had planned to do just two days after waltzing in. The Barnmates were having a slow morning and all spent time to their own devices upstairs, owing to the cold weather. After having to wake up after being chastised about the Barn looking like a pig sty, the Barnmates slowly filed downstairs and removed the pool as well as cleaned Juliette’s pen.
Big Brother came on over the speakers, notifying the Barnmates that the doors could now be now opened. Code went to the door and opened it, and was stunned to see an unfamiliar face staring back at him. “Hey,” he exclaimed. His fellow Barnmates stopped what they were doing and came to see what Code was exclaiming about.

Meryl could not believe her eyes when she saw her best friend from back home. She threw her hands over her mouth as her eyes bulged out in disbelief. Still shaking, she cried out “What’s going on?” The other Barnmates just laughed at her and then each explained how they also had received visitors. “Mine was the most Bombo guest,” Lerato exclaimed, referring to her former boyfriend Max making an appearance in the Barn.

Meryl cursed at Lerato and could not believe Lerato and the gang had not told her she would be getting a visitor. Irene and Meryl have been friends for over ten years and met in High School. Irene, who thinks Mwisho is hot and also happens to be Monkey’s godmother, quickly gave her friend Meryl a hug before saying hello to the rest of the Brnmates.

Also in the barn, Sheila was back to her old tricks as instigated gossip in the once peaceful, healing and friendly to all Barn. She cornered Lerato and the two had a deep conversation, starting off with Biggie’s announcement down to what they really think of Merylisho’s engagement. Big Brother announced that only two BArnmates would be voted back to the House, which according to Sheila has caused a bit of awkwardness in the Barn.

Lerato said once people are announced that they will be returning to the House, they will not think about the solidarity and friendship they had in the Barn. “It’s easier for people who don’t attach emotion or pretend but I’m genuine and the friendships I’ve made in here are real,” Lerato elaborated.Sheila and Lerato said if they do make it back into the House then good but if they don’t, it’s not a train smash because they still have family and friends out there waiting for them.

During their deep gossip session, Sheila told Lerato that Meryl lied that she had kissed Munya before her relationship with Mwisho.Sheila also told Lerato that if Meryl had it her way, she would have settled for Munya.

Sheila said the argument that Mwisho had with Meryl was based on this fact, which was why Mwisho initially called himself second hand. “If you love a man, you don’t talk about other men’s successes with him. Mwisho knows that Meryl doesn’t love him and much as he does,” Sheila expanded.

Lerato, wearing a puzzled face questioned; “Does she love him?” and they both laughed. Sheila told Lerato that in fact, Meryl had made out with Munya which shocked Lerato to the bone. As Sheila was talking more, Lerato kept saying; “I still can’t believe Meryl made out with Munya.”

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.



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