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Big Brother Update: Sammi B plays games with Biggie


Big Brother Update: Sammi B plays games with Biggie

Yesterday Biggie upped the stakes and gave Sammy a task that would test his ability to keep a secret. Asking “Can you keep a secret” Biggie told Sammi to pull a fast one on his fellow Housemates. Sammi agreed that he could keep a secret and notified Biggie he would play along. Biggie then laid out the Secret Task. Sammi was to pretend that he was having a nightmare in his sleep.

His task was to get or have another Housemate come to his side and comfort him. If he is successful, his reward would be 3 packs of cigarettes as well as the chilli pepper he has been asking Biggie for in all his Diary Sessions.

Through all of this, Sammi was not allowed to reveal anything at all to the other Housemates, whether he is successful or not.

Today Big Brother congratulated Sammi for successfully completing his secret task. Big Brother further went on to give Sammi another challenge, that if he manages to get into someone’s bed and manage to get a hug he would be given a carton of cigarettes. It will then be up to Sammi to successfully keep his loot from the rest of the housemates. Sammi challenged Big Brother to make the tasks more scarier because he hasn’t been rattled yet, by the task yet. He added that it is obvious, to him, that alliances have formed already. He even went to the extent of saying he knows who Tatiana replaced herself with, to face possible eviction.

Will Sammi be given more and more tasks as the days go by?  Tune in to Big Brother All Stars on DStv to find out.

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