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Big Brother Update: Tatiana crowned head of house for next week. What does that mean?

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Big Brother Update: Tatiana crowned head of house for next week. What does that mean?

The Housemates collected a bag of props from the storeroom and were each required to put a hand in and pull something out. For most of the Housemates, it was a blue ball, for Tatiana it was blue ball covered in gold stars!
What this means is that Tatiana wears the Head of House Superstar’s badge next week. Big Brother requires the Head of House to collect and read out tasks, to organise the shopping and supervise Housekeeping.
In exchange for performing these tasks, the Head of House is empowered to save a Housemate who has been nominated for Eviction, and replace them with another Housemate of their choosing. This power should not be underestimated. In a worst case scenario the Head of House could save themselves from Eviction. Obviously, this means that all other Housemates will lobby the Head of House to save them, should it be necessary.

Bribes and conspiracy are not prohibited. If a Head of House performs well, Big Brother may choose at any time to spoil him or her. But, the opposite is also true. The first Head of House, Tatiana got a fair share of hugs as she did dirty-looks after she won the Head of House task.

Munya and Kaone were the first ones to give her hugs followed by Paloma while the others just cheered at a distance.
Uti handed her the Sheriff badge, which she will be expected to wear throughout her week in power.

The Angolan beauty’s victory comes shortly after she expressed her disgust at the unhygienic conditions the Housemates were living in.

So, perhaps that is why her fellow Housemates started handling the household chores because they know that this vixen means business and has made her preferences known.

This was quite weird for people that woke up exactly 10 minutes before the Head of House task started. Biggie had been playing loud music all morning but they had ignored him.

All the All Stars have been Nominated this week click through to the Vote Page and Vote for free to save your favourite Housemate.

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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