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Big Brother update: Things heat up as Yacob and Meryl Fight as “Clownmates” and Uti & Mwisho Share a Shower



M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars received their task on Tuesday and will have to use all their combined Big Brother experience to succeed! They are tasked with building a model of their ideal Big Brother house.  Working in a group, the housemates have to agree on a design and draw plans before working with professional modeling material and tools to complete their model. They have been encouraged by Big Brother to use their imaginations and let their creative juices flow. They will be judged on the originality of their building design and must keep their workspace tidy.

The housemates and Barnmates were given floor plans to use as a guide for their own design’s plans and must stick to their 1:10 scale. They were provided with models of the current garden – and must use the model as a guide towards producing their own professional version.

After a lengthy debate, the housemates agreed to wager 100% of their Gold Stars on their success. The Barnmates were given the same task, and decided to wager 75%.

Meanwhile Uti, Mwisho, Munya have each received a punishment from Big Brother for recent offences. After Sunday’s eviction, Mwisho and Uti staged one of their usual play fights – but this one got a little out of hand as pot plants were thrown and the ‘emergencies only’ fire extinguisher was used! Their punishment for these offences sees the two housemates being literally stuck together for a day and a half. Dressed as clowns, they must share a giant pair of trousers, which they may only remove when they need to use the toilet – but even then, the other clown must hold the bathroom door! They must also sleep in the same bed and shower together.  When they heard their punishment, Mwisho laughed out loud, while Uti seem surprised.
Munya was next in the firing line as he was punished for being disrespectful towards Big Brother and the viewers. As Tatiana was evicted on Sunday, Munya said some nasty things about Big Brother, which could not go un-punished.  Big Brother told Munya that since he had such a way with words, he had to spend time alone in the glass house with a dictionary and copy out, word-for-word, 5 pages by hand. He would only be allowed 5 minutes per hour to use the bathroom and would not be allowed to come out until he was finished.

Meanwhile Meryl and Yacob had a dramatic argument in front of everyone after Yacob allegedly told Kaone and Uti that Meryl had wanted to have a relationship with Munya, but that Munya had rejected her for Tatiana. She overheard the conversation and lost her temper, shouting insults at the Ethiopian. Meryl got more upset as things went on and the back-and-forth insults got stronger. After Meryl stormed off and lit a cigarette on the deck, Yacob continued to state his case in the garden.

Sheila told Uti how this particular fight required the services of the “Noprah and Dr Kill” show, which he created the other day to let the housemates air their grievances. In her Diary Session, Sheila said that “its interesting to spur people on”, and try and figure out what they are thinking. She said that the argument between Meryl and Yacob really got the housemates’ blood flowing and that she hadn’t expected them to say the things they had.

Meryl told Big Brother during her Diary Session that her day had been good and that she had been enjoying the Task. She said that the Task was a good way of bringing creative people’s ideas together and she felt that the housemates had achieved a lot in their first day.

When Big Brother asked Meryl about what else happened during the day, she said that she was being accused of “coming on to people”. She said that the reason she blew up, was because she had reached her limit. She was really angry about Mwisho being called her ‘second option’. She felt that her character had been insulted by Yacob’s statement and felt he had unresolved issues that they need to handle.

Meanwhile in the Barn, Tatiana received a visitor  – her good friend Ofunneka from Big Brother Africa Season 2. The Barnmates had just received their task brief when someone screamed ‘Tatiana’. The Angolan dropped what she was doing and ran to the door to see what was going on. Tatiana spotted her friend and gave her a hug. Hannington said “this is so emotional!” and gathered the two for a group hug. Tatiana wiped away a tear as both of them settled on the couch for a chat.

And…after her Diary Session, Lerato totally fogot a message that she was supposed to pass on to her Barnmates. They couldn’t believe that she had forgotten so soon, but she just couldn’t remember what Big Brother had said! At the end of her Diary Session, Big Brother had asked her to tell her Barnmates that their structures for the Task should be original.