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Big surprises as Luclay nominates himself and Miss P saves Karen on Big Brother Amplified

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Big surprises as Luclay nominates himself and Miss P saves Karen on Big Brother Amplified

Monday’s nominations  in the Tails House of the ongoing Big Brother Amplified reality TV series was full of surprises as South Africa’s Luclay chose to put himself up for eviction, and Head of House, Miss P saved the exasperating  Karen from possible eviction.  Karen, who had the most nominations, was saved in a last minute decision by Miss P, who put Mumba in her place instead although Miss P had originally nominated Karen.

When Kim heard her name being called out, Kim gave a little smile, while Luclay swallowed hard and did the same. Later on in the evening,  Luclay said to no one in particular that “There will be no peace in this House”. Kim later declared “It’s time for me to drink! Zambia, it’s up to you!” Karen, who was oblivious to the fact that Miss P had saved her, seemed the most frazzled. “I need to pack,” she said. However, a couple of minutes later she told Lotus “I’m not going anywhere. I just got here!”

Nkuli however, did not seem to take her nomination in her stride and seemed to be the most shell-shocked of the lot. When her name was called out, her mouth flew open, in complete disbelief. She was stuck to one spot on the couch for over 30 minutes and did not speak to anyone as the reality of possible Eviction sunk in.

Mumba, who has now joined the two South African Housemates and her fellow countryman, Kim, in the race for another shot at the game, doled out the advice and seemed particularly sympathetic to Miss P’s dilemma of having to ‘Save and Replace’. “Shame, Miss P seems stressed about the ‘Save and Replace’, but it can happen to anyone. It could be me or Bhoke. It could be any of us really,” she said, almost prophetically.

So who nominated who? Contrary to the norm, Luclay decided to put himself up for possible eviction because he didn’t want to nominate anyone. Biggie made it clear to Luclay that the repercussions of not nominating anyone would be self-sacrifice but Luclay simply told Big Brother that he was fine with that.

Meanwhile, Alex didn’t hesitate to put Karen and Nkuli on the chopping block saying the two were his biggest threats. However, Biggie didn’t buy this and asked Alex to be more specific. He said even though Karen was fun, “she doesn’t participate in chores and Nkuli didn’t pull her weight during the last Task.”

Bhoke was taken aback when she discovered that it was Nomination time and took a deep breath before also sacrificing Karen and Nkuli. She put Karen up because she thought her to be very defensive and attacking and Nkuli because she hadn’t been close to her.Danny ignored Biggie’s call and continued cleaning the patio furniture. He nominated Karen because he believed she was a strong character and major competition. He also put up Kim for the same reason adding that Kim is entertaining and viewers would save her.

Though they had made peace, Ernest went for Luclay because he felt him to be a grudge-bearing person, and didn’t feel safe around him. His second choice was Karen because she was too insecure, which made her dangerous.

Karen rushed upstairs to dress up and look smart before returning the favour to Alex stating that she still didn’t know much about him. After pulling funny faces in the Chat Room, she eventually settled for Kim because she didn’t know if she was fake or just taking time to ‘come out’.


Lotus nominated Kim because she didn’t “gel with her” and her fellow country mate Bhoke, so as to be the only standing representative from Tanzania. Kim dished a nomination back to Karen for being destructive and always in the way. She nominated Lotus for her inability to listen and for talking too much. Mumba nominated the Head of House, Miss P because she could save herself then she picked Ernest because he was becoming too loud and irritating.

Nic sacrificed Lotus because he hadn’t found any common ground with her even though the two had kissed in the jacuzzi. Nic added Nkuli to his choices saying he felt she was too distant. Nkuli, like Mumba selected Miss P because she could save herself then put up Bhoke because she didn’t add much value to the House. The Head of House, Miss P nominated Karen because she takes everything lightly while she thought Nkuli didn’t give her the time of day.

To vote via SMS: send the word VOTE followed by the Housemate’s name to the number for your country (displayed in the VOTE section). For example if you are voting from Ethiopia send Vote Hanni to +2783142100413. SMS’s are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. Please note that you can vote 100 times by SMS per telephone number during each voting period.

Find your country in the list below, decide which House you’d like to Vote for and send it to the corresponding number below:
Angola: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 43333 – Unitel UTT 6.6 per SMS

Botswana: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 16626 – Mascom, Orange, BEMOBILE at P2.50 per SMS.

Ethiopia SMS Vote + the Housemates name to +2783142100413 (Intl. SMS rates apply) per SMS.

Ghana: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 1477 – MTN, Vodafone, Tigo, Espresso, Airtel at GHC 0.60 per SMS.

Kenya: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 5626 – Safaricom, Orange, Airtel at Kes 30 per SMS.
Malawi: Send Vote + the Housemates name to 15626 – TNM, Airtel at MK 48.00.

Mozambique: Send Vote the Housemates name to 99026 – Vodacom, Mcel at MT 20.00 per SMS.

Namibia: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 15626 – Leo, MTC, Telecom at N$ 3 per SMS.

Nigeria: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 34350 – MTN, Airtel, Globacom, Etisalat, Starcomms at N75 per SMS.

South Africa: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 33729 – Vodacom, MTN, Cell C at R1.50 per SMS.

Tanzania: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 15726 – Vodacom,Tigo, Zantel, SASATEL at Tsh 600 per SMS.

Uganda: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 6626 – UTL, Warid at Ugx 1000 per SMS.

Zambia: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to 15626 – MTN, Zamtel at ZK 2000 per SMS.

Zimbabwe: SMS Vote + the Housemates name to Econet 33334 at USD 0.50 per SMS; NetOne 15626 at USD 0.50 per SMS.


Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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