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Biodun Abudu’s new novel ‘Open Letters From Within’ is dedicated to all the brave souls telling their stories and beginning their healing journeys



Biodun Abudu’s book touches on pain, recovery and love  book is a poetry book that touches on pain, recovery and love. The poems are letters which were inspired from personal experiences. Stories from individuals he met around the world, things that are hidden within our homes and hearts, new found love and the appreciation of love.

“Don’t let anyone tell your story. Always remember healing is a personal journey. You have to find out what works best for you to heal, so you can move on into a new light. ”

The poems in this book were created when he was younger and completed as he became more mature. Acknowledging the past, appreciating the present and moving forward with the future is what he hopes the book will do with its readers.

Abudu’s new book, Open Letters From Within, is now available on

Biodun Abudu, also a visual artist and boutique owner, is known for his previous books titled “Tales of My Skin”, “Stolen Sanity” and “Forbidden Scriptures”. When he is not writing he is creating bold art pieces and managing his online boutique.

Author Biodun Abudu released the book trailer for his 4th on youtube on Saturday, December 12th 2020. He will be having a virtual book release and launch on Zoom, Facebook live and Instagram live on December 19th at 2pm EST.


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