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A bit of the wild, a bit of the ocean… experiencing Mombasa and beyond!



After my first visit to Kenya in 2017, I promised myself that I had to return and explore more of the country’s beauty; and if possible, go beyond Nairobi and the Maasai Mara.   In February, just some few days to my wedding, I had the opportunity to visit Kenya again, this time visiting parts of the country that left me wondering why I wasn’t there as part of my honeymoon.

The Journey

It was a six-day tour on the wings of RwandAir in partnership with Sarova Hotels group, to explore eco-tourism in Kenya’s second largest city, Mombasa as well as the Taita–Taveta County.The journey started with a Rwandair flight (in the comfort of the premium economy cabin) from Accra to Kigali, which made a stop in Lagos for some 40 minutes. Then after some four hours from Lagos, we arrived in Kigali, Rwanda. We rested for some hours before catching an early morning flight to Mombasa, which lasted some 2 hours also.   My first encounter with Mombasa, a city on the coast of Kenya, was brief and not so inspiring as the city was just waking up, and we had to continue our journey from the airport to a train terminal.We made our way to the Mombasa train terminal under the guidance of the ever-adorable tour manager, Josephine Mwuanzi from the Sarova Group. The brand new Standard Gauge Railway has made what was once a dream holiday destination an affordable Mombasa weekend adventure.   We boarded the business class coach on high-speed train, Madaraka Express from Mombasa to Nairobi. After some 2 hours on the express we arrived at Voi Station. Voi is the largest town in Taita-Taveta County in southern Kenya.The Sarova hospitalityOur host from the Sarova Hotels met us at Voi Station and drove us in the infamous ‘Gari’ to the Taita county. The Sarova group offers the perfect blend of tropical beach hospitality and unmatched authentic Kenyan Safari experience across its portfolio.–90aAFB25k We were first welcomed at the Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge, which later became the meeting place for all our lunches. The lodge has 62 Rooms and a restaurant with an outdoor dining experience. It is also known for its World War I Historical sites and excursions, as well as its breathtaking game viewing.We then made our way to the Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, our accommodation for our stay in the region. It has 96 chalet rooms beautiful spread through, allowing breathtaking encounters and up-close view of wildlife.The Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge has restaurant for breakfast, with outdoor dining experience. It has a spa and gym, but sadly I didn’t get to try either because of our schedule.   Adventures in the wild   What is a trip to Kenya without an experience of the wild? Well, I missed the first night’s game drive because I was a little tired from the journey and needed small rest and some work done. I was game for the following morning’s drive but sadly it was cancelled. Hmm my luck… But not to worry, I was able to join for another game drive in the evening. Through a 28,000-acre wildlife sanctuary, the adventure with nature was surely a memorable one. Although I missed the ‘Big 5’, I spotted zebras, buffalos, grand gazelles, deers, warthogs and many more during the game drive.   We also had another fun day in the wild, when we headed to the Kudu heights. Kudu Height is located on the Taita Hills, a Precambrian mountain range located in the Taita-Taveta County. It is named after the Kudu, one of the largest species of antelope.   The Kudu Height is perfect for watching the sunset with bonfire, sundowners and even for having dinner in the open.We were welcomed to music, drumming and dancing by some elderly women on the hills with champagne and wine going around. Dinner included the famous Kenyan grills, ‘Nyama Choma’ and the ambience was just perfect for chowing!  And to cap the experience, we met a pride of lions on our way back the Salt Lick.   Time for some tropical beach hospitality in Mombasa After 3 nights in Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, we made our way back to Mombasa, this time to experience the city a little bit more. We returned via the Madaraka Express and on arrival at the terminal we were picked up to the Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort.When we arrived at the resort, it was simply a breath-taking sight all around! Set in white, the buildings portrayed tranquility and blended well in all the resources of nature around. The Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa has 338 rooms, 3 restaurants, 1 Bar, and a private beach dining area. There are a number of swimming pools on the resort including one for kids, as well as the in-sync-with-nature Tulia Spa.Activities on the resort include many water sports and I was bold enough to try snorkelling for the first time. We got into the ocean on a glass-bottomed boat that allowed us to watch coral reefs, fishes and other marine life, before the snorkelling.   After giving it serious thoughts (as my bride-to-be awaited my return in Ghana), in spite of not knowing how to swim, I suited up and jumped into the water! But after failing to master the technique of breathing through my mouth, I gave up few minutes after hitting the water.Phew at least I tried…and I left Mombasa not only enjoying the fantastic cuisine, tropical breeze and warm people, but also knowing I could also say “I tried a totally new experience”.   I can’t wait for my next travel adventure. Lets see life takes me, and what knew things I will experience. I say a big thank you to Rwandair and Sarova Hotels.