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Blakk Rasta fights for the freedom of jailed singer, Ramzy



From the beginning of this crusade which is being championed by top reggae musician and radio presenter Blakk Rasta, many thought he was only doing it as a content for his Taxi Driver reggae show on radio, but after carefully following him and his activities on air, it is clear Blakk Rasta is up to something very positive. He is indeed pushing the agenda of getting the right people with legal powers to come behind the former stars of the future candidate Ramzy to “fight” for his freedom. Take it or leave it, what the award winning reggae musician and presenter is doing will surely yield some positive results because more influential people and legal brains in the country follow his programme religiously (apologies to Lawyer Tabiosori) hope I got to name right. Now this is what Blakk Rasta is doing with his large platform in the capital. During one of his programmes, he conducted an interview with mother of the incarcerated musician and he did the honourable thing by recording the interview. Blakk Rasta gave the woman an opportunity to send her plea to the president of our land John Dramani Mahama to come to her aid in giving his son a presidential pardon like it was done for his fellow jail mate called Jerry. Now Jerry is walking around town a free man because he was given a presidential amnesty but when Ramzy and his family tried an appeal, his case was aggravated abruptly. He was given an additional 10 year jail term to the years he has already served. How pathetic: and this is what Blakk Rasta is aiming for an intervention we are sure.

Fortunately for the woman, Blakk Rasta is treating the recording of the plea on his programmes like a jingle. It will shock readers to even know that he sometimes uses the voice recording to mix some beats and knowing his versatility as the number one reggae presenter in the country owing to his numerous awards, he does it to perfection which brings a feeling of both laughter and pain. In doing this, it results in a serious campaign that he might not imagine himself. If you think that is the only action Blakk Rasta is taking to help vulnerable people in the society, then wait till you read this one too. There is one woman who was maltreated by a church and its head pastor (names left out because we hear some legal tussle has started over that broadcast) and again Blakk Rasta gave the woman that fine opportunity to expose the pastor and his evil deeds. Listening to the woman who had gone blind because of what the man of God did to her, it was crystal clear that she had never dreamt of being in a radio station, but there she was speaking on one of the most listened to shows in the capital. Blakk Rasta was doing this in the name of getting some right thinking members in our society to come her aid. What else can we say, we at Flex newspaper is describing Blakk Rasta as the voice of the voiceless and an advocate for positive vibes. Congratulations to Blakk Rasta for such beautiful initiatives. Hope you will start another campaign for Shaka Zulu as well.
Source: Flex newspaper

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