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Blitz The Ambassador Rocks Summerstage Alongside Public Enemy



Ghanaian rap export Blitz the Ambassador is set to co-headline Central Park’s Summerstage with the legendary hip-hop group, Public Enemy on Sunday, August 15. The performance caps off a breakout summer for the Ghanaian-American MC, which included two tours of Europe, a Celebrate Brooklyn performance with The Roots, and the release of a cinematic music video.

“Public Enemy is the group that made me start listening to hip-hop back in Ghana,” Blitz the Ambassador says.  “My older brother turned me on this new music I had never heard before, and I was like ‘wow, these are young black people speaking with power and purpose,’ I had never heard that before. I remember when Public Enemy came to Ghana in 1992 it was a Huge deal. I didn’t get to go to the concert then, but now I get to share the stage with guys that literally inspired me to be the man I am today.  It’s definitely a dream come true,” he adds.