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Blog: The Terrible Social Issue Facing The People of Atsieve in the Volta region



Terrible Social Issue Facing The People of Atsieve in the Volta region
Terrible Social Issue Facing The People of Atsieve in the Volta region

On the 22nd December, I visited a community called Atsieve in the Volta region to do some charity works with some few friends. Some activities included; basic skills training like bead making, liquid soap production and popcorn making (locally without machines).

Health screening was also done for the community which focused on the town folks knowing their blood pressure, HIV status, malaria status, health talk and advise. The children and the aged weren’t left out of this project, we donated some clothes, shoes, bags and entertainment for them as well.   

After the charity activities, I had a personal chat with the Assembly man and some elders of the community and enquired about their challenges as a community.

Their main challenge is water, and others include toilet facilities. They have no portable water in the community and have dug a small dam which they share with animals they rear. 

The dam actually dries up in the drying season. I followed them to the site of the dam and it was terrible. It was quite a distance getting to the site, while discussing issues with the opinion leaders of the town, a number of cows also joined us at the dam. 

They went straight into the dam to drink water whiles some children were fetching water for domestic use. As a trained nurse you can imagine what was going through my mind witnessing this living condition. 


 The Assembly man and the elders pleaded with me and my friends to help them in getting pipelines to connect water from the district capital (Sogakofe) to the village which is about 5.6 kilometres.

It’s heartbreaking to know that there are still places in Ghana with such issues. Women in the community go through stress during their monthly flows when the dam is dried up. One can imagine the time children waste in getting water before and after school for family use. I believe is the right for every Ghanaian especially children to have clean and portal drinking water for a better living. 

I hope this story reaches the appropriate quarters in government and well-meaning Ghanaians to help the people of Atsieve enjoy some basic human amenities. 

                                                                                                                              Written by Ivy Naa Odey Aryeetey  Nurse and founder of Share Love Network   



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