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Bolt expands operations in Ghana with launch in Takoradi



Ride-hailing service Bolt has significantly expanded its Ghanan operations by announcing the launch of services in Takoradi. 

Bolt started operating in Ghana in 2017 in Accra, and with the launch of Takoradi this month will operate in three Ghanaian cities – including Kumasi. 

“People in Ghana want and need easier, safer and affordable ways of moving. As the costs of owning a car becomes more expensive year on year for the average Ghanaian, a service like Bolt becomes necessary in our cities.” said Nonso Onwuzulike, Bolt’s City Manager for Accra, Ghana.

Takoradi is growing as a business city with more people moving from big cities like Accra and Kumasi for work. We want them to enjoy the same convenience of moving from home to work and around town without any hassle as have with Bolt,” he added.

Bolt has been successful in every city where it has launched since commencing operations in Ghana in 2017, growing exponentially year on year.  

Bolt has facilitated entrepreneurship opportunities for Ghanaians who would otherwise have been included in the country’s unemployment statistics, with thousands of drivers now using the Bolt platform to start their own businesses, earning an income and supporting their families on a flexible schedule.

One of Bolt’s key success factors in its expansion has been the fact that drivers utilising its platform receive 80% of all fares paid by riders – a higher percentage than what drivers using other similar platforms receive. 

Bolt is committed to transforming the way that Ghanaians move and has expectations of expanding to new cities big and small. We want more people to experience the joy of convenient, safe and affordable transportation,” he concluded.