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Boosting Your Fashion Site Traffic And Get Followers For Instagram With Influencer Marketing



With increasing reliance on social media, it plays a vital role in the lives of people today. It is hard to imagine life without social media nuances, and most of the things people view is on the internet. When it comes to fashion, the way, people access it has undergone a sea change. The aspects of friction in the way of imagining fashion has changed. Gone are the days when all people had to know about fashion were from a few magazines. The integration of social media in the lives of the common man has popularized fashion for all and not just the high-end customers.

With the emergence of Instagram, the way people view fashion has changed as it makes enthusiasts more flexible and creative while dealing with brands. Although the ramp walks are still in vogue, the new concepts of connecting with the audience are the points of uniqueness.

Know the statistics

Even though the advent of Instagram is not new, the developments that demonstrate revolutionary ways of shopping are new indeed. Along with the short and snappy ways of showcasing fashion brands on Instagram, the active five hundred users on this social media channel can make all the difference. If you are looking forward to ways to let your fashion brand interact with people spontaneously, Instagram should be the platform to choose. What makes Instagram different from the other social media platforms is its ability to stay at par with the requirements and desires of the people as far as fashion brands are concerned. No wonder, fashion brands are amalgamating UGC with their posts to grab the attention of customers.

Role of influencer marketing 

For the creation of fashion brand awareness, nothing works more diligently than influencer marketing. Research reveals that about eighty percent or more companies that rely on influencer marketing are sure that it outsmarts the contents that brands create. The other reason for maximizing the benefits of influencer marketing us the financial benefit it offers. Therefore, a brand’s marketing unit is keen to work with social media influencers for a wide range of activities, such as referral programs and contests. Read the following to explore the connection between fashion brands and Instagram influencers.

  • Today’s fashion brands believe in digitalizing their marketing strategies, and what better is it to use influencers to impact the mind of fashion enthusiasts in social media.
  • Influencer marketing is also beneficial as the activities taking place in the digital front can be measured through shares and likes.
  • Several social media influencers have devoted followers on social media platforms who envisage them as extremely knowledgeable on the specific niche and follow their advice frequently.
  • Using a famous persona from the fashion industry as an influencer for your brand can fulfill the dream of several users of social media platforms and makes it one of the most appealing and charismatic options for driving traffic to the fashion site.

Working with celebrity influencers

The fashion brands believe in working with celebrity influencers for Instagram through various pictures they pose when promoting a brand and explain to people why they should follow the particular brand and keep the rest aside. Using celebrities to offer discount coupons and writing reviews for audiences are some of the other methods they should try. Using influencers to shape a brand is overwhelming and demonstrates why the celebrity you have chosen has preferred to stand by your side. When you want to get followers for Instagram through influencers, you have a reason to celebrate your happiness.

Enhancing traffic with Instagram

Even though the fashion stores and brands work day and night to enhance their following on Instagram, it is the role of influencers that allow them to create and strengthen a community of followers.  Many Instagram growth service providers are available now to help brand grow their following. Moreover, when the question is how to reach prospective customers faster, coordinating with influencers has a significant role to play as far as your fashion brand is concerned. Check the following to know how to make the most of influencers on Instagram to take your brand forward.

  1. When it comes to using transient content on Instagram, it benefits the users as they can avoid reading the same stories repeatedly, but people can miss a few engaging stories as well. Therefore, fashion brands should start focusing on influencers with the massive following to drive more traffic to your site and add a link that relates to the stories.
  2. To maximize the benefits of influencers with Instagram stories, you need to stay transparent, make your site more accessible, provide something to your audience for a specific time, and create an attractive landing page to make the visitors stay longer on your site.
  3. Collaborating live streaming action of influencers is another way of reaching the audience.
  4. You need not ask an influencer to add a link to your site for driving traffic. All you need is to get more audience through regular posts on Instagram. When it comes to adding more zeal is through a call to action.

Customers believe that when influencer uses something, the chances are that the individual has already used it. Quite naturally, people are more likely to rely on the reviews of users. Often, fashion brands ask influencers to pass promo codes to users for heightening the effect.

Breaking the myths

Before you go ahead and engage an influencer for your brand, it is necessary to know that the individual may not be a person of repute. Even with influencers who have a moderate following, you can impress the fashion enthusiasts. The fan following the influencer generates may not be huge, as numbers are nothing more than numerical figures. The aim of every brand should be to make the small fan following more effective than increasing the number of followers that may not do any good to enhance traffic.

Statistics reveal that Instagram is not going away soon, and it is here to stay. You need to know that influencers belong to different segments and have a separate set of fan following. Therefore, you need to understand which influencer to engage in promoting your brand further. After all, the traffic you get on your site should not be ephemeral.