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British designer, Stella McCartney causes outrage with her expensive African print wear



The fear of many African fashion connoisseurs is coming to pass as big designers increasingly incorporate African fabrics and designs in their collections. So are these big designers ‘stealing’ from Africans? British designer, Stella McCartney, who is daughter of famed Beatles frontman, Paul McCartney, has caused some outrage with her collection using African prints. A video has hit social media with an angry woman calling for a boycott of the collection because it represents stealing from the African culture, which has already been raped by the West enough!

Tagged as ‘Abstract Print Dresses’ these Stella Mccartney designs are going for as much as $1,170 at Harrods. The pieces which are taken from Stella McCartney’s Summer 2018 collection were birthed from a collaboration with Vlisco on a series of playful and colourful prints to create a bold all-over pattern bringing unparalleled vibrancy to fashionistas. This brings to mind the question of whether indeed these fabrics that are tagged as ‘African Print’ belong to Africa at all? Especially since most of it is printed in holland by Vlisco anyway.  ]]>