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British filmmaker, Ben Wigley seeks funding for 'Paa Joe & The Lion' a story about Ghana's renowned fantasy coffin maker



paajoeUK filmmaker Ben Wigley is turning to film and art fans to fund his last trip to Ghana and finish his latest production. Paa Joe & The Lion looks at Ghana’s greatest living fantasy coffin maker, and tells the story of a talented artist trying to save his business and his name from being buried. The film is nearly complete, but needs one final trip to Ghana to complete the story, so the director is turning to Kickstarter to crowdfund and save the day. Ben explains; “The project has been funded in the past to help us make 4 trips to Ghana to film Paa Joe and tell this fascinating story, but with the arts cuts really taking hold getting funding to finish the film is proving incredibly tough.” The film tracks the highs and lows of Paa Joe’s life as the elder statesman of Ghana’s fantasy coffin trade tries to get himself back on top and secure a legacy for himself and his family. Paa Joe was an early pioneer of the Ghanaian tradition and has taught many of Accra’s greatest carpenters. His beautiful designs range from lions honouring tribal elders to giant Coke bottle coffins commemorating soda pop street vendors.

The crowdfunding campaign kicked off on Tuesday 8th Oct and offers the chance to invest and become a movie producer for as little as £1.  The deadline for the team to hit their target is Tuesday 12th November. On top of helping to share the culture of Ghana and the story, craft and art of Paa Joe, funders can grab rewards as a thank you too. From a miniature coffin to a film-making masterclass with director Ben Wigley. For more information about the campaign and the film go to our website. If you can help by sharing or supporting the Kickstarter campaign then it would be much appreciated. We can supply images, blog posts and are available for interview so please just get in touch.

Paa Joe & The Lion is due to be released in Summer 2014.

The Kickstarter campaign ends on Tuesday 12th November 2013. ]]>

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