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Bulldog reveals he’s received threats from the Presidency for supporting the booing of the President



Artiste manager, Nana Asiamah popularly known as Bulldog has revealed he has received threats from the Presidency following his comments on the booing  of the President on the Global Citizen Festival stage.

According to Bulldog, on the UTV United Showbiz Show, he’s received threats  from persons believed to be from the Jubilee House since he openly supported the booing of the President.

“They asked me what I think about the people booing the President, and I said it was good they booed the President. Then follow-up calls and threats that they will jail me,” he stated on the show.


Bulldog, who has had his fair share of troubles with the government, stated that he was ready to be jailed for speaking his mind.

“I am talking to them. The people at the Jubilee House or wherever come and jail me. So because of you people, we should not talk? Come and jail me. I’m waiting for you,” he stated.

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Explaining his support of the booing of the President on the Global Citizen Festival stage, Bulldog stated that the incumbent government has increased poverty levels in the country.


“We went to the Black Star Square on a number of issues including poverty alleviation, right? And this is an administration that has made sure that every Ghanaian will be poor… How would you sit there and be a closing business making the ordinary Ghanaians’ lives miserable?”

“I swear tomorrow, if I don’t go to jail, then you are not in the presidency. Come and jail me. I already have a case with them at court. Is that what they are saying? That they are going to manipulate the matter?” he quizzed.

The President, Nana Akufo-Addo was booed during his speech at the Global Citizens Festival held at the Black Star Square in Accra recently.

Some patrons of the show could be heard clapping and chanting “away” during the President’s speech.


The act has generated a lot of debate over the week on social media.

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