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Burna Boy Has Become An Arrogant And Obnoxious Monster- Patrick Doyle



Veteran Nigerian actor, Patrick Doyle, has taken to his Facebook page to lambast Grammy award-winning musician, Burna Boy; describing him as obnoxious for disrespecting his musical predecessors.

His comment comes after Burna Boy publicly indicated that the Afrobeats music genre ‘has no substance’ during a candid  conversation with Apple Music Zane Lowe. Burna boy noted that the genre is simply about giving a good time but in his opinion should have more to it.

According to the actor,  the ‘Its Plenty’ hitmaker does not deserve the overwhelming attention he receives, emphasizing that he hasn’t done anything on his own.  Patrick opined  that Burna Boy and his colleague Nigerian crooners are riding on the roads paved by their predecessors, and have achieved nothing by themselves.


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In a Facebook post sighted by Ameyaw Debrah Media, the Veteran actor stated that, “The credit for the feats that appear to be puffing the likes of Burna Boy up have to be properly ascribed to the greats who cleared the thorny paths that have created pathways for his likes to walk through practically effortlessly.”

 He continued opining that, “Burna Boy has not by himself done anything that can be remotely described as great. He and his peers are recipients of the labours of heroes past. They need to be humble and respectful of their diligent and truly pioneering predecessors. Great artistes like SunnyAde, Fela Anikulapo, Majek Fashek, I, k. Dairo and a galaxy of others who paved the way from the 60s, to the 2000s. Greatness and great feats don’t exist in a vacuum. Let us not contribute to the creation of an arrogant and obnoxious monster”

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