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Burna Boy makes Michelle Obama’s 2020 workout playlist



Former US first lady, Michelle Obama has listed Burna Boy’s ‘My Money, My Baby’ as one of her favourite songs for working out

‘My Money, My Baby’, released in November 2019, is an Afrobeat-inspired track. The track was inspired ‘Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack album’.

The Obamas clearly love Burna Boy’s music as this is the second time his songs would feature on their favourite playlist.

Burna Boy also made former U.S. president, Barrack Obama’s favourite music list and summer playlist in 2019.

Mrs Obama released her list, which is a compilation of her favorite workout songs on Instagram Sunday evening.

She said she wanted to give people “a little inspiration” now that “It’s about that time when New Year’s goals and resolutions get just a bit harder to stick to.”

The playlist comprises upbeat tracks across genres like R&B, rap, and AfroWave.

The playlist also includes tracks by one of the Obama’s longtime favorite artistes, Beyonce, The Carters and Destiny’s Child.

Other tracks on the 35-song playlist are Afro B’s ‘Drogba (Joanna)’ and Koffee’s ‘Toast’.



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