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Burna Boy’s new contract questions his love for music



Afro-fusion star Burna Boy has stirred the music world with a cryptic message shared on his Instagram Stories, sparking passionate discussions among fans.

While some see Burna Boy’s message as a testament to his current music industry success, others are concerned about the implications of his new contract.

In his Instagram Stories post, Burna Boy declared,  “With the numbers I’m seeing on this contract, these next years of my life are about to truly reveal if I genuinely love making music. It seems God wants to test my dedication to music. I might just surprise you all, similar to what Rihanna did.”With The numbers I’m seeing on this contract. These next years of my life are about to really show if I really love doing music. God must
really want to test my love for music.
i just might bounce on y’ all like Rihanna.”


For some fans, Burna Boy’s words serve as a clear reflection of his present accomplishments, particularly highlighting his financial gains. This interpretation suggests that his new contract represents a significant financial milestone, which aligns with his impressive achievements, including a Grammy win and a rapidly expanding global fan base.

Conversely, there is another perspective that interprets Burna Boy’s message with a sense of caution. Certain fans worry that his newfound success might come at a cost. They express concerns that his new and improved contract could place greater demands on him, potentially impacting his artistic freedom and creativity. This viewpoint is rooted in the music industry’s history of contracts that have been criticized as exploitative.


Burna Boy’s intriguing comparison of himself to Rihanna, who took a hiatus from music to explore other ventures, has further fueled speculation about his future plans. Some wonder if he is contemplating a similar break or a significant shift in his artistic direction.

This thought-provoking post arrives at a pivotal moment in Burna Boy’s career, as he is firmly associated with Atlantic Records.

Burna Boy has received an impressive seven nominations at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards, underlining his significant influence in the music industry and setting the stage for what promises to be a remarkable journey ahead.

See screenshot of Burna Boy’s IG story post below.



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