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Buying Medicine at Meds4Sure Online Pharmacy



The story is changing gradually as consumers are migrating from patronizing brick and mortar stores to buy drugs to just an ordinary click at the online pharmacies. Almost every day, new e-pharmacies keep emerging on the Internet, selling prescriptions, medications, and other products related to health issue. Most of them are legal companies that authentically provide privacy, easy and the safeguards of the conventional processes of prescribing medications. Consumers can use the services of the online pharmacies with confidence they have with the brick and mortar. Sincerely, some are popular network and big pharmacy stores, yet most of these legal pharmacies are local and are just designed for the purpose of servicing their consumers electronically. As a consumer, you must be suspicious about those that prefer using online stores to sell outdated and banned products to innocent and unsuspecting buyers. These kinds of outlets are actually selling unauthorized products and where sell few authorized drugs; they deliberately boycott the process of protecting the consumers. For instance, there are some sites that need customers only to fill their questionnaire prior placing their medication orders but shunt any physical interaction with the health official. This is to let you know that the internet has made it easier to bypass the safety need of the consumers as it undermines the face-to-face evaluation carried out by the authorized health professional. Putting off the system in this manner creates room for problems and these include interactions of dangerous medication, havoc from contaminated products, fake or expired medications. Consumers exposed to a high risk to getting substandard drugs. Besides, they may as well sacrifice the chance for a right diagnosis or the discovery of a contraindication to the medication. At the moment, the FDA has got just few reports of the side effects that are associated with the medications gotten from the online pharmacies. Some of the observations of the cases are on the possible danger of purchasing prescription medications based on a questionnaire. For instance, a 53-year-old man from Illinois with the issue of chest pain and hereditary history of cardiovascular problem died of a heart attack in April after purchasing the medication. He actually bought Viagra citrate from one of the online sources which required just an answer to a questionnaire before the buyer could qualify to get prescription. Even though, there is no evidence that connected the death of the man to the drug purchased from online but the officials from the FDA said only conventional physicians who have physical interaction and possibly examination with then patient will more likely expose any health issues such as heart disease. Besides, such doctor will make sure that suitable treatments were administered. The FDA is looking into the legion of websites of pharmaceutical stores that are suspected of breaking the rules and plans to take legitimate action if necessary. At the moment, the Internet surveillance has been made by the FDA to focus on the new medications that are not authorized, fraud in health organizations and medication prescribed which are sold without any authentic prescription. As the number of the consumers of medications keeps increasing on the Internet day by day, the health problems are the number six of the most popular reason why people visit online according to the marketing research made by Cyber Dialogue Company. The figures (2.97 billion prescriptions) forecasted by the company was dispensed in 1999, even though; there was no dependable figures that was able to gauge the complete online sales from the company. To some people, buying medication from online pharmacies provides benefits that could not be found in the local medication store. Such benefits include:

  • Availability of drugs in large quantity most especially for those that are living far from the pharmaceutical store.
  • Ability to compare the prices and other features with the other websites before finally placing order.
  • Affordability and convenience.
  • Access to different brands of products.
  • Convenient access to the details of the product and references to the other sources when compared to the drugs sold in the brick and mortar store.
  • Consumers will be able to order their products and at the same time have access to a pharmacist in their privacy of their homes.
Besides, the intention of the online pharmacies is to allow consumer save money. In many cases, this is very true. There was a survey conducted by Consumer Reports and it showed that the consumers can save about 29% when they purchase their drugs form online pharmacies. However, another research carried out by the University of Pennsylvania in 1999 indicated that the online sales of Propecia and Viagra were averagely 10% much costlier on online when compare to the local pharmacies in the Philadelphia. How sales from the Meds4Sure online pharmacy work? Generally speaking, legal online pharmacies like Meds4Sure operate in this manner:
  • Consumers sign up with the online pharmacy by submitting their insurance and credit card details. The pharmacy is authorized by the state of its operation to sell prescription medications and in those states where the products are sold to whether an out-of-state license is needed. Read More:
  • After signing up, consumers will tender a valid prescription. Thereafter, doctor can call it in or users deliver it to the pharmacy through mail or fax.
  • There are some e-pharmacies that send products directly from the central spot while others will let the consumers pick their prescription up at the drug outlet closer to them. As regard the additional fee, most sites will need to deliver the product within 24 hours.
  • Websites normally possess a mechanism for the consumers to ask questions about the pharmacist whether through the phone call or email.
Tips from the FDA to consumers of health products from the Meds4Sure online pharmacy
  • Confirm with the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) if the website is authorized and in good standing order with the pharmaceutical standard.
  • Avoid purchasing from the websites that simply offer prescribed drug without careful scrutiny of the prescription if you are a first timer.
  • Do not transact with the websites that restrict access to their registered pharmacist for enquiry.
  • Stay away from transacting with the sites that hides its identity.
  • Be cautioned about the websites that advertise new cure for a chronic disorder or quick cure-all for a certain disease or sickness.
  • Any site that includes undocumented history case claiming incredible results must not be entertained.
  • Speak with your healthcare provider prior taken any form of drug for the first time.

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