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Calling attention to God’s Glory, meet Beulah Praise



Beulah Praise is derived from the name of the church, BEULAH PRAISE MINISTRIES, with the meaning of BEULAH; The Married Land of God. The zeal of Beulah Praise is the gladsomeness to call attention to God’s Glory. Our aim is therefore to praise the Lord for His glorious love for mankind.

Pastors preach the Word of God, we as a group minister the Word of God through songs. We uplift souls with soul searching, inspirational Holy Ghost-filled songs.
Our mission is being a source of Prayer, Faith, and Spirituality hence, our songs are inspired and influenced by the Holy Spirit, and the support of the lead Pastor; Rev. Michael Osei-Nelson.

By the grace of God, we have an Album to our credit dubbed “THE GREATEST” which comprises of the following songs –
1) Blessed 2) All is Well
3) The Greatest 4) Overflow
5) Nhyiraba Worship
6) Worship Medley (Foreign)
7) Worship Medley (Local)
8) Nhyiraba Raggae
9) Highlife Medley
10) Praise Medley

It is our collective prayer in humility that anyone that hears or listens to our songs, or watches our ministration shall be filled with the power and presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We hope that by the grace of God, everyone shall be blessed with our songs and ministration.
God bless us all.