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Can You Fly with Kratom? How to Bring Kratom on a Plane



Traveling with kratom can raise questions, given its legal status varies by location. This guide aims to clarify whether you can fly with kratom and how to do so responsibly. 


Kratom, an herbal supplement used for various purposes, faces regulatory scrutiny in different parts of the world. Understanding these regulations is crucial for travelers wishing to carry kratom on a plane. We’ll cover critical considerations, including legalities in your departure, transit, and arrival destinations, and tips for packing kratom to comply with airline policies and security procedures. 



This introduction serves as a starting point for those looking to navigate the complexities of traveling with kratom, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey. Whether you use the strongest kratom strain for health reasons or personal preference, being informed and prepared is essential when bringing it on your travels.

Can You Fly With Kratom?

Yes, you can fly with kratom. You can take it through airport security and keep it in your hand luggage or checked baggage. But before packing your bags, you must check the legal status of kratom where you are flying. Some states have completely banned kratom, whereas others have age restrictions, etc. Here is the list of US states that have banned kratom:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont,
  • Wisconsin


If you are found with kratom in a place where it is banned, you can be fined or even sentenced to prison.

The states where there is an age restriction regarding kratom are as follows:

  • Arizona – The legal age to consume kratom is 18 years. The state has also passed KCPA.

  • Georgia: People over the age of 18 can consume kratom. The state has also passed KCPA.


  • Tennessee – The minimum age to consume kratom in this state is 21 years.

  • Illinois – The age limit to consume kratom is 18 in this state. It is banned in the city of Jerseyville.
  • Florida – Florida has recently promulgated a law. The minimum age to consume kratom is 18 years. However, it is banned in Sarasota Country.

  • California – People under the age of 21 can not consume kratom. The new law has recently come into effect. Buying kratom strains is only possible for those who are above 21 years old.

  • Mississippi – One is allowed to buy, sell, and even consume kratom anywhere in the state without any age limit except in Union County.

  • New Hampshire – One has to be above the age of 18 to consume kratom in the state.

  • New York – The state has legalized kratom but defined the age limit for selling kratom. The kratom can only be sold to people above the age of 21.

  • North Carolina – The consumption of kratom is not regulated or checked so far. Anyone above the age of 18 can sell, buy, or possess kratom.


  • Utah – The state follows the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. The legal age to consume kratom is 18.
  • Virginia  – You must be at least 21 years old to consume kratom in Virginia.

Traveling Safely with Kratom: Does and Don’ts

Kratom users can travel with kratom strains in their hand luggage or checked-in baggage. However, it would be best to note specific rules and regulations promulgated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Some of the essential controls are provided as follows:


  • Kratom should be carried in the form of powders or capsules.
  • One can bring 12 ounces or 350 ml of kratom powders in your carry-on bag. If the limit exceeds, you must place it in a separate bin for x-ray screening.
  • TSA advises keeping more than 12 ounces of powder items in their checked baggage.
  • Kratom products must be appropriately packed to avoid any spillage or leakage. Covering products with a bubble wrap and using extra plastic can be helpful for this purpose.
  • Always carry the product in its original packaging. This helps the authorities to get all the information related to the product and confirm if the product is allowed.


These regulations can be challenging to abide by at all times. When you are traveling in an emergency, you barely get time to back up your kratom storage. 


In such a situation, you can always prefer getting your products from a reputable online vendor. Online Kratom vendors such as Happy Go Leafy pack products according to the guidelines. In addition to adhering to these rules, one must be aware of the state-specific legalities and comply with them before traveling to ensure a hassle-free journey.



Tips For Traveling Successfully With Kratom

While traveling with kratom may not be an issue because it is not federally regulated in the USA, one must be very careful. Even a tiny mistake can cost you your entire journey and get you in trouble. Here are some fantastic tips summarized for your travel that will help you.

Always know the laws.

Knowing the legality of kratom at the destination is important before traveling. Likewise, you must also understand the laws of the stopover countries. You may encounter some security personnel who can search for kratom during your layovers as well.

Carry kratom in checked-in luggage.

Carrying kratom in your checked-in luggage avoids repeated security checks and interrogation. Keep the product’s original packaging intact so that airport security can quickly identify the substance. There are types of kratom strains; if you have purchased from a reputable vendor, the packaging will have all the information written on its labels for that kratom strain.


Be prepared for interrogation

The security personnel will ask you questions if you travel with kratom. Despite it being legal in some states to carry and possess kratom, the security officers would ask you questions. They would inquire about your intention of carrying kratom. It would be best if you answered their questions confidently.  

Provide all the information.

Possession of kratom within defined quantities is not questionable. But carrying more than the permissible limits can be a matter of concern for you. Security officers will ask you many questions if they detect this. You should be prepared for these questions in advance. You may also be required to provide information regarding the source of kratom, reasons to buy, details of usage, etc. 

Final Thoughts: Can you Bring Kratom on a Plane?

So, in conclusion, we discussed the legality of traveling with kratom on a plane. We understand that the product is not federally regulated. However, travelers should be conscientious while traveling with kratom. Knowing the laws and complying with all the facilities can be an excellent way to avoid any last-minute hassle.



Always pack your kratom products properly during travel. Additionally, it is imperative on your part to cooperate with the security officers during interrogation. So, always make sure to provide honest and accurate information about kratom products to the authorities.


For this, you can retain the original labels and packaging of the kratom products. This will help them to verify the information quickly. Once you take care of these factors in advance, there is no hustle in traveling with kratom. 

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