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Casting Calls



Casting Calls

Many parents wish their children to become stars and the first step towards this dream is casting. It is a selection for a specific role in some project (movie, TV series, commercial). Up to 500 people can be called to the casting and all of them will apply for one role. The Kids Casting is a perfect option for those who apply for the first time.

How to sign up for a children’s casting?

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There are different websites where movie castings are published. There you need to:

  1. Register on these sites and create an account.
  2. The questionnaire on the site is needed so that casting directors can select children online for any role.
  3. You will also need to visit such sites every day and view new vacancies. These can be children’s castings in movies, TV shows, etc.
  4. Each ad has contacts where you will need to send your application for casting each time.

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If the casting director considers that you are suitable, then you will be sent the time and place of the casting, where you will need to come in advance.

Another way is to visit KidsCasting and get all the required help and guidance in this process.

Castings for children without experience

To get a serious movie role for a child, he must have filming experience and it is desirable that he take some acting classes for children, or is involved in some kind of theater.


Without the experience of filming, it is better for a child to start going to extras. You can sign up for them as the supervisors look through the database of children and sometimes invite them to shoot.

Start going to these shoots for a start, then, perhaps, your child will be given a small episode, then another and another. When the child gets enough experience, they may begin to invite him to more serious roles, but he must constantly develop, attend a children’s theater studio and work with text.

Gradually, more and more casting directors will learn about your child, and you will receive more and more offers. Nevertheless, this is a permanent job and the search for new castings should not stop.

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