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CBD Oil as a complimentary therapy to cancer treatment



The debate for the legalization of marijuana has led to numerous scientific studies on cannabis and its individual compounds. All of these studies have provided ample evidence as to the advantages of CBD, especially when it is considered as a complement to the treatment of cancer.

CBD may help those suffering from this debilitating and destructive ailment by regulating different bodily functions to help manage pain, appetite, and nausea and is even being studied as a preventative measure to cancer. Today, we will analyze the different elements as to how CBD may complement cancer treatment.


One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Not only does this make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight, but it also affects the body’s ability to fight against cancer. Ingested CBD, coupled with THC, has shown to stimulate appetite and suppress feelings of nausea and vomiting.  However, it should be noted that CBD alone does not have this effect as stated on


Not only does cancer itself cause pain, but its treatment through chemotherapy and radiation therapy also puts the patient through immense pain. At times the pain becomes so severe that it becomes resistant to even opioids. Some of the causes of this pain include inflammation, nerve injury and pressure on internal organs.

CBD acts on the brain’s receptors to help in managing this pain. The effect on CB2 receptors reduces inflammation which relieves widespread pain. You may refer to CBD review portals to find out the best CBD oil for pain.


There has been some speculation regarding CBD’s effect on cancer prevention. However, a review of existing studies by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) yielded mixed results and a conclusive link between cannabis and cancer prevention could not be found.

Similarly, there are currently no studies or clinical trials that are investigating the use of cannabis, CBD, THC or other cannabinoids as a treatment for cancer. There are some small scale studies and independent research, but both are in the early stages and have not provided even an indication that would prove CBD as an effective treatment for cancer.

One observation to intrigue scientists occurred in 2016 when it was found that cannabis “showed promise in the fight against cancer” as it seemed to inhibit the growth of tumor cells. However, this was noted in observations of test tubes and animal models and there was no human research or testing which would indicate the same. Further, it was also found that at certain dosages, some cannabinoids could suppress the immune system, in turn letting tumors grow even faster than before. However, the same limitation of no human testing existed for this observation as well.


While studies are still not conclusive, there are strong indications that CBD efficiently and effectively complements cancer treatment. As the debate still continues, the least we can ensure is that the right information is being put forward. As CBD can help so many in their fight against cancer, its status as a complement to treatment should be promoted more.